Wholesale Picks for an Endless Summer at Urban Wear Stores

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Wholesale Picks for an Endless Summer at Urban Wear Stores
There is still plenty of summer left
in 2015 , and retail store owners
can take advantage of the
wholesale deals on the table.
Whether you need shorts, fresh
tees, snapbacks or even hoodies
for spots where the beach gets
cool at night, the best wholesale
clothing distributors have you
covered. Here are the hot picks
available from Steal Deal.
Raw Blue Shorts
With the lingering summer in places like California and Florida, there is no need to consider
September the end days for shorts. Raw Blue has the perfect style for warm weather with
its colorful cargo shorts. They all come with cloth belts and the multiple pockets shoppers
love about cargo gear. Deals on full-length Raw Blue pants are also available.
Last Kings Hats
The snapback hat battle continues to rage among streetwear brands, and Last Kings by
Tyga is the latest designer to come out swinging with its stock for 2015. The tabloids can’t
get enough of Tyga and Kylie Jenner out together, but your shoppers will be drawn to the
stylish snapbacks with slick pharaoh images and minimalist design.
Waters & Army Tees
New York City skate brand Waters & Army has been taking the urban wear scene by storm,
but not every supplier can get you the company’s hot tees and hats. Steal Deal, always one
step ahead of wholesale clothing distributors and has an extensive selection of Waters &
Army gear that will attract your customers as the summer winds down. The subtle designs
continue gaining in popularity on skate scenes everywhere.
Diamond Supply Co. Hoodies
Nights in San Francisco and Rockaway Beach, New York, stay chilly all summer, which gives
retail store owners plenty of reason to stay in the market for stylish hoodies. Diamond
Supply Co. has a particularly fresh look with its gunmetal gray and other eye-catching
Steal Deal has the looks that could make it an en dless summer of customers at your shops.
When you need inventory from the best wholesale clothing distributors, start at
StealDeal.com. For further information or inquiries about our inventory please contact us
at 323.581.8051.