Why A Good Driving Instructor Is Your Best Option

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Why A Good Driving Instructor Is Your Best Option
Good driving instructor is worth weight in gold. It’s well worth doing a little extra homework and
putting in the effort to find a really excellent instructor.
How to find a good driving instructor –
Every driving instructor is going to be different. While the driving tests are all moderated so that
they are the same, there are as many different ways of teaching driving as there are instructors. It’s
important to find one that suits you, your personality and your ideal style of learning. While it’s
important to get recommendations, what suits your best friend might not suit you. Even if your
instructor has all the right credentials, if they aren’t suiting you, then don’t be afraid to search for
another one. With that proviso in mind, the most reliable way to find a good instructor in your area
is to ask people you know. If they had a good experience with a driving instructor or school then
they will be quick to tell you, and they will certainly let you know if they had a bad experience. It’s
important then to check out internet reviews if available and then to speak to the instructor in
person, and if possible go out for a trial or assessment lesson. Ask lots of questions to find out their
experience and their teaching style.
A good instructor is not always the same as a cheap instructor. Driving instructors charge an
average of £20 per hour for lessons. Some can charge more, and some less. If an instructor is
charging considerably less than this, it’s worth asking why. It could be that they are a trainee
Driving Instructor, so they might be very good but are lacking in experience and haven’t completed
their assessment yet. Maybe they’ve recently moved into the area and are building up a pupil base.
Or perhaps they aren’t very good, and the only way they can get pupils is by charging bargain
basement prices?
How do you know if you’ve got a good driving instructor?
1. They will be punctual. On the very odd occasion when they aren’t, they will make up the
time to you. They will also have a clean and well-maintained car and clean and tidy
2. They will be flexible with timings (within reason), allowing you to fit your lessons around
college, work or family and your own best concentration times and being able to fit you in
for a regular lesson.
3. They will give you their full attention throughout the lesson, focusing on your driving. (Any
driving instructor who does not do this should be reported).
4. They know the syllabus inside out.
5. They will have a plan for the course of your driving lessons, but will be flexible enough to
change it to fit your learning needs. They will also have a plan for each lesson.
6. They will know the best teaching methods so they can teach you in a way that makes things
easy and you will remember.
7. They will have good communication skills, using language that you understand.
8. They will give you regular feedback and updates on your progress, including whether you
need more practice in something. They will be honest with you throughout, including your
readiness for the test.
It’s worth seeking out a good instructor because they make a difference to your learning. They will
make you feel good about your driving. A good instructor will teach well, simplifying even the
most complex of manoeuvres. They will listen to you and will respond to your needs as a pupil,
rather than just ploughing through the syllabus. They will make the learning meaningful for you,
going the extra mile to make sure that you are a safe and confident driver for life, rather than just
somebody who can pass the test.
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