Why Buy Used Wheelchair Lifts in NJ?

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Why Buy Used Wheelchair Lifts in NJ?
Wheelchair lifts allow people in wheelchairs to move easily and independently from one level
of a building to another. If you live in New Jersey and are looking to purchase one, there are
some things you should know. Buying a new lift can be an expensive. Fortunately, there are
reputable dealers offering used wheelchair lifts in NJ in addition to new ones. Buying a used
lift would allow you to enjoy all the features and specifications of a new system, but at a
much lower price.
Leading dealers in accessibility equipment buy pre-owned wheelchair lifts. The systems are
put through a repair and refurbishment process, and damaged parts are replaced. The
equipment is recertified and put up for sale after factory trained technicians ensure that the
equipment works as good as new. Here are the main advantages of purchasing a pre-owned
vertical or inclined platform lift in NJ:
Price advantage: Used mobility equipment is sold at a price which is much lower than
Quality devices: Established dealers offer used models of leading manufacturers such
as Savaria and Adaptive Engineering. This would ensure fully featured, safe systems.
Warranty: A reliable company in NJ would offer certified pre-owned wheelchair
lifts with a full one-year warranty.
Customer support: Leading mobility equipment dealers provide installation support
as well as excellent post-sales services for the recertified devices they offer, including
24 hour on-call service.
Buying Used Wheelchair Lifts - Important Considerations
After you find a reliable supplier of used home wheelchair lifts in New Jersey, consider the
following before purchase:
* Features and technical specifications - Make sure that the refurbished device
has all the features and specifications offered by the original manufacturer.
Reputable manufacturers offer devices equipped with several safety features like
emergency stop button, remote control operation, seat belt, anti-skid surface, electro
mechanical brake and fold-up platform. Evaluate the safety features to and ensure
that they are all working properly.
* Budget - Reliable manufacturers offer quality devices at competitive price. Make
sure you select a quality model that fits your budget.
Prompt After-sales Service
It is important to purchase a used lift from a reliable supplier offering regular and
efficient post-purchase services. This is very crucial as the device may develop
operational or functional issues and these need to be attended to promptly. Choose a
supplier providing superior after-sales services including quick installation, inspection,
warranty and repair and maintenance services.