Why Choose Used Wheelchair Lifts

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Why Choose Used Wheelchair Lifts
Used wheelchair lifts are a cost-effective alternative for people with serious budget constraints.
Wheelchair lifts allow wheelchair users to move safely from one level of a building to another.
This mobility device is ideal for porch and deck access. A vertical platform lift is a platform
which can be raised and lowered between two levels in a vertical direction. Inclined wheelchair
lifts transport the wheelchair user along a flight of stairs. Leading manufacturers offer various
models of both these types of lifts.
Used Wheelchair Lifts ~ A Budget-friendly Option
Buying new wheelchair lifts can prove to be an expensive investment. Used wheelchair lifts,
which are available at low prices than new, are a cost-effective alternative for people with serious
budget constraints. This provides you the benefit of being able to use a top quality product
equipped with the same product features and specifications as a new product, but at a low price.
These are certified pre-owned wheel chair lifts which go through a detailed refurbishment
process. As part of this process, factory-trained experts conduct a detailed inspection of the
equipment to detect operational and safety issues. The system is repaired and damaged parts are
replaced. The device is inspected and tested to ensure that it works smoothly and safely before
being put up for sale.
Buying Used Wheelchair Lifts ~ Factors to Consider
When you choose to buy a used platform lift, some important points need to be taken into
>> Know your specific needs: It is important to analyze your specific needs before buying used
mobility equipment. Reliable elevator and lift companies offer various types of vertical platform
lifts and inclined wheelchair lifts. You need to choose the model that meets your specific
>> Check whether it meets manufacturer specifications: Before purchasing a used mobility
device, it is important to see whether it complies with original manufacturer specifications.
Check whether the device has undergone the refurbishment process and offers the same product
features as specified by the original manufacturer. Make sure that the device functions properly.
>> Features: Ensure that the wheelchair lift model that you have selected is equipped with
standard safety features. Popular manufacturers offer these devices with advanced features such
as emergency stop switch, anti-skid surface, remote control, fold-up platform, safety belt, electro
mechanical brake, and more. Top models with commendable safety features include Roby
Powered Stair Climber from Savaria and Mobilift CX from Adaptive Engineering.
Choose a Reliable Supplier
It is very important to locate a reliable elevator and lift company that offers quality pre-used
wheelchair lifts. Do a thorough online search and choose a supplier that can provide value for
your investment. With the right dealer you would also be assured of efficient and timely post-
sales support including smooth installation as well as testing, inspection, maintenance and repair