Why Do I Want My Ex Back

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Why Do I Want My Ex Back

Why do I want My ex back? has been the cry of many who have been unable to let go of a love that
has past them by. It is an understandable question to ask. Common sense tels you that you need to
move on. Most of your closest friends are hoping that you would. Your ex most likely is wishing that
you could move on as well. So why is it that you have to keep asking yourself, Why do I want my ex

When you are asking, Why do I want my ex back? consider what has just happened. You were in a
love relationship of some kind, may be a marriage. It may have lasted a long time or only a short time
but in either case, you had a lot invested in it. It is hard to let go of things and ideas that you may
have been really attached to.

Most people do not enter into relationships lightly. They go into them hoping for something that will
last a long time and just want love. You have dreams of the way that things could be. You have an
idea of the way things should be. For some reason it doesn't happen. The bubble bursts on your idea
and then you are left hanging on. It made such good and almost perfect sense at the time and then it
is gone. You have to adjust to the idea that what you saw isn't there anymore if it was at all.

Was it love or just the idea of being in love? The lines get so confusing sometimes. Was the love ever
there? It is very likely that it was at one point. The only problem was that it wasn't permanent. The two
of you became incredibly important parts of each other. You get used to having certain things or
people attached to you and when they are gone your mind may have trouble adjusting.

There are those who have lost limbs who still feel a phantom itch in the appendage that is now gone.
There are still brain cells that are telling you that what isn't there itches and there isn't a thing you can
do about it unless you retrain your brain.

The same thing is true for those who were intimately attached to someone, whether it was romantic or
platonic in nature. If those people are removed for some reason, those parts of your brain that had
grown accustomed to that loved one being there will have to adjust. While your brain is adjusting to
the change, you are left thinking about them almost against your will.

If you are frustrated because you keep asking yourself, Why do I want my ex back? don't get too
distraught over it. It may help you to get some advice on how to get over a relationship from someone
who has been there or who understands and has helped others. It is only natural that you will have
trouble with it and want my ex back. Give it some time, get some help, and get distracted and in time
you will no longer be asking, Why do I want my ex back?

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