Why do people love choosing power case for their mobile phones?

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Why do people love choosing power case for their mobile
In recent days , people would like to choose a power case for their phones rather than single
protective case or an external power case. Why? Indeedly, a power case ofter consists of a
protective case, a built-in battery and it also acts as a charger, how convenient one power case
for mobile phone brings, furthermore, the expense of buying a power bank, a charger and a
battery is much more than buying a power case for mobile phone. Today we mainly introduce
two mobile power cases and find out why they are so popular with people.
One impressive star in our store is QB1600-i5W power pack case for iphone5. This new power
bank case with lightning port is especially designed for iphone5, in the meanwhile, QB1500-i5W
power case for iPhone5 comes with five colors, so you can choose any to match your mood or
lifestyle, and such tailor-made design really attracts many young people, for their mobile phone
become colorful,different and fashionable with this protective power pack case for iPhone5.
Importantly, this power bank case for iphone5 can prevent your phone from drop, knock and
scratches. Furthermore, with wireless charger, you can charger your iPhone5 anytime without
any cable via this iPhone 5 protective power case, which is really convenient for people.

Go with superior shell and fashionable frame design, another Samsung Galaxy S4 power case
also captures the market since it is released. Mobile phones with large screen such as Samsung
Galaxy S4 is easy to suffer drop, knock and scratches without care. you know, in order to avaid
such situations, one Samsung Galaxy S4 power case becomes indispensible. This Samsung
Galaxy S4 protective power case comes with 2600mAh built-in battery and double the power,
beside this, S4 is one world first 100% power transform, which improves the availability of the
power greatly. This Samsung galaxy S4 power case also supports NFC interface, making people
enjoy convenience from mobile digital life. Importantly, this power case for Samsung Galaxy S4
comes with built-in intelligent circuit double protection circuit, which provents S4 from
overcurrent overcharge, over discharge and overheat etc thus this Samsung galaxy S4 power
case establishes an safe environment to make sure the voltage output steady.

Are you attracted by these two protective power cases now? We are always specialized in
manufacturing and exporting power bank, power cases for mobile phones etc. Welcome to
wholesale them at our store, we dedicated offering quality protective power cases for mobile
phones with competitive price.
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