Why Medical Transcription? What Medical Transcription Is About?

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Why Medical Transcription? What Medical Transcription Is About?
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Medical transcription is a process that converts pre-recorded voice files as dictated by doctors or other
medical professionals into a text document format. It is a most widely used option in healthcare
business and it also saves time of medical professionals.
In todays rapidly growing Healthcare Industry, medical transcription is becoming more and more used
option by healthcare professionals. Whether you are running a medical firm or an individual medical
practitioner, it has become essential to use medical transcription in order to save your precious time.
What is medical transcription?
One of the most common questions if you are a beginner in this industry is – what is medical
transcription. Medical transcription is associated with healthcare business and in which it deals with the
process of transcription or in other words, converting pre-recorded voice files as dictated by healthcare
professionals into a document form.
Documents prepared by medical transcription covers certain information like patient evaluation,
workup, healing actions, medical course, analysis and more. These al details are as per doctor’s
dictation or say as per doctor’s words.
Why medical transcription?
Now when we are aware about medical transcription, let’s see why medical transcription is required? It
is required due to need of documentation regarding medication processes for medical insurance. One
more reason is that nowadays, medical transcription professionals are becoming busier and busier. They
don’t get much time for such documentation due to their practices.

In such cases, medical transcription plays an important role. Doctor just speaks into a tape-recorder and
then sends these voice files to a medical transcription provider. That provider converts it into a
document format and returns to that doctor.
What is the process of medical transcription?
There are three steps of it.
1) Dictation
2) Transcription
3) Result
For dictation, doctors use their DVR to capture their voice audio. Then simply they attach that DVR to a
computer where your audio-file wil be automatical y uploaded and sent to a medical transcription
expert. Then expert transcriptionist listens to the voice audio files and prepares the associated text
documents with quality & accuracy. After that, the resultant documents are dispatched to that
particular doctor.
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