Why should you attend a college?

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Why should you attend a college?

Why should you attend college? Why shouldn't you! In an economy where it's increasingly getting difficult to make ends
meet, where people are losing their jobs, or worse, unable to get well-paying jobs, why wouldn't you want the security that
a college degree can offer? And if that isn't reason enough, here are a few big reasons why you should.

Step into adulthood

It is at college where you meet people from different walks of life. College is where you make friendships that last a
lifetime. College is where you learn life lessons, where you learn the value and importance of money. The experience you
have at college will match to no other in your life. It is a time where the memories you make will stay with you forever.


What you take away from college after completing is not just your degree but also the vast network of people who
saw you through that journey. These people not only share your interests, but they could also prove to be resourceful
sometime in the future.

Employment and better jobs

Employers always prefer employees with college degrees. Some people are of the belief that they don't need a college
degree in order to succeed; that dedication and willingness to learn should be sufficient. And while we're not really
disproving their belief, what harm could a college degree do? At best it could only supplement your career and give you
an edge over everyone else. It could give you a chance to apply for jobs in managerial positions; jobs that will pay you
higher salaries.

Some people wish to continue working while studying. For those people, colleges that provide online degrees make
perfect sense. Such colleges give you the freedom to pursue a higher education, without really disrupting your current
lifestyle. CollegeAmerica is one such college that offers degree programs online through its affiliate college Stevens-
Henager College. One of the CollegeAmerica student reviews say because their programs are specially designed for
career driven adults and like-minded students, it gives people reassurance that the level of education they receive will
provide them with all the necessary skills to succeed in a work environment. Another CollegeAmerica student review
stated that the availability of online classes made it easier for stay-at-home moms or young working professions to study
at their own convenience without having to worry about additional costs.

Careers that require degrees

What if your interest lies in a field which requires college-level training? Like information technology? Or healthcare and
medicine? Such fields require technical knowledge, skills and expertise, one which cannot be learnt on your own. If you're
passionate about these fields, you will need college education to help develop these skills and help you get jobs in these

Lastly, college education will have a lasting impact on your personality. You will find that college is not just a time for self-
discovery and to have experiences, but toincrease your earning potential; which will help you achieve a higher quality of
life, acquire a high social standing and career status. All these factors will ultimately play a big part in helping you be a
happier person with a high self-esteem.

Go to college and live your dreams!