Why Should You Prefer HDMI Cables

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Why Should You Prefer HDMI Cables?

HDMI or High Definition Multimedia Interface is known to be a high speed connector that is now
considered as the standard for connectivity. This cable is known to transmit high definition audio and
video signals and can be used with a wide variety of electronic gadgets. HDMI cable offers a superior
quality when it comes to digital signal transmission and it is the solution to today's advance technology.
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HDMI Can Be Used on Which Gadgets?

HDMI can be used in varied devices that you can find at home. For instance you can use this cable for
your entertainment set-up such as your Blu-ray or your DVD players. You can also use it with your
computer and other portable gadgets such as your cameras and camcorder and connect it to your HDTV.

Why Use an HDMI Cable?

HDMI cables are very superior in terms of signal transmission especially when you compared it to analog
cables. The signal is transmitted for instance to an HDTV from your media player and you will see that
the resolution is higher than usual. The reason for the superior quality of transmission of signals is the
simple broadcast of signals and does not need to convert from different formats. The signals are
transmitted faster and it also caters to connectivity to portable gadgets.

HDMI cables use the Extended Display Identification Data which is known to allow automatic
configuration of resolutions for audio and video formats also. This reduces the external changes needed
to obtain a superb picture quality.

Tapping is very common nowadays and most cables are easily tapped. However HDMI cables have a
feature that controls tapping since it comes with an authentication standard that makes and interface
that needs authorization before data access.


Analog to digital signal conversion may have some signal degradation. With HDMI cables signals are
stored first before transmission and it this way almost does not have any difference from the original.
During transmission the high definition signals are not generally compressed. This leads to a reduce
signal degradation and makes a high quality display. Another good thing about HDMI cables is that with
only one cable both audio and video signals can be transmitted and you do not need to buy separate
cables for video and audio signals.

HDMI is also capable of carrying color depths with a range of 10bit to 48bit (RGB or YCbCr) which can
display up to 1 billion color combinations. The newest HDMI standards can also cater the "xvYCC"
standard which eradicates limits for colors. You can use your HDMI cable to a wide variety of devices
that you can find at home. With your HDMI cable any formats can be supported such as the NTSC PAL
Standard stereo Multi channel surround sound. In addition an HDMI cable also has a feature of hot plug
detection signal and this means you don't have to switch off your device to begin authentication.

You can also use your DVI cable since HDMI have a hot plug enables assemblies that can reach up to a
length of 5 meters. With this you can have a clear video display from devices using DVI standard.

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