Why to choose open source website development over other platforms?

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Over the past few years, there has been revolutionary development in
the technologies used for the development and designing of websites.
However, open source website development has retained its niche in
the domain of software development across the world.
IT is a rapidly changing field which constantly sees changes in
technologies used in software development. In the last few years,
several new technologies have emerged, like droople, joomla, and the
likes making significant impact in the field. They are fast growing into
popularity among IT professionals. But high development cost makes
these tools of less important for those enterprises that have tight

It, therefore , small enterprises and startups still prefer web
development through open source, which not only saves them a good
deal of money, but also takes comparatively less time as well as
provides flexibility for changing in the website design any time
according to requirements. What is more, reshuffling/changing in the
design does cost just a few bucks. Thus, open source seems the best
options for website development at affordable cost.
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