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01 NOV 2015 W H Y Y O U M U S T U S E A / B T E S T I N G
W H Y Y O U M U S T U S E A / B T E S T I N G
by Connie Baker
There’s lots of talk about the importance of A/B Testing; two thirds of businesses are now integrating it into thei r digital marketing
strategy. But do you understand what it all means, why it’s important and how it all works? Website Design C entre explains…
A/B testing, also known as split testing is essentially a move away from guessing about which communic ations, colours, images,
banners will work and moving towards confidence in achieving with your online offering. In fact, it’s now the most used method for
measuring conversion rates.
A/B testing can help any online business to learn how to:
Optimise your marketing campaigns
Better understand your customer base
Develop more relevant content
Improve ROI
It’s an efficient and cost effective part of any website marketing strategy.
What is A/B Testing?
Basically AB testing compares two versions of the same campaign on a certain channel. These channels include but are not limited
Social Media
Mobile Apps
Landing Pages
Digital Advertisements
And from there you can also test and compare individual campaigns on these channels such as a home pa ge banner, a CTA
wording or a push notification design.
But how much do the two versions differ in an A/B test? It all comes down to one element, whether that’s the siz e of a CTA button,
the font used, or the colour of the background. An A/B test will measure the difference in the conversions to dete rmine which works
best for your target audience.
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Why A/B Testing works
By measuring the actions of readers and buyers A/B testing can reveal what truly appeals to them. It also adv ances consumer
engagement, campaign effectiveness, and marketer expertise.
Here are a few specific reasons why A/B testing should be a part of your company’s marketing strategy:
A/B testing enhances marketers’ awareness and expertise of audience preferences – it provides businesses with enormous
amounts of data on audience behaviour. The more tests you run, the more robust you understanding will be and you can begin to
make more intuitive choices in your marketing.
A/B testing increases engagement with customers – the goal of A/B testing is to improve interactions between buyers and
brands by uncovering which marketing methods most resonate with people. Since this type of testing appli es to everything, from
more engaging personalised emails to social platforms, it opens up all channels to stronger communicati on.
A/B testing enhances campaign effectiveness and optimises programs for a company’s target aud ience -b y trying out
different combinations for a specific group of customers you can eliminate elements that alienate users, driv e people away, or have
no effect on conversion rates whatsoever. In addition, all audiences do not respond identically to a single ca mpaign.
A/B testing is an ongoing process and not a one-off event. People, trends, and preferences change over time a nd you’ll need to
respond accordingly. The best way to stay ahead of the game is to consistently test elements across all you r campaigns so that
you don’t neglect any opportunities to bring in sales and conversions.
A/B testing is revolutionising digital marketing because results are real and data is immediately applicabl e for making changes to
campaigns. The real beauty of the A/B test is that the possibilities are endless. You can always learn someth ing new and continue
to improve their marketing efforts. It simply takes perseverance, creative thinking and consistency in appro ach.
You can learn more about A/B testing today by contacting the team at Website Design Centre.
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