Why You Must Use Microsoft Cloud Services?

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Why You Must Use Microsoft Cloud Services?
Since the advent of latest computer technologies, cloud computing, and virtual reality has ushered a
new era in computing, nowadays most of the applications, files, and even data gets stored on the cloud
to offer instant access from anywhere. Most of the business firms and corporate firms have recognized
the benefits of adopting a centralized management system for sharing content, information, and data,
thus, with everything is now residing on remote servers that are accessible the Internet. Many tech
experts and industrial professionals often claim that IT giant Microsoft is one o f the biggest players in
the cloud computing industry and its products are highly reliable and for developing, managing, and
hosting applications off-site. Read the following pointers to know why you must use Microsoft cloud
1. Have Greater Familiarity of Windows
The platform allows you to write applications in the same programming languages that Windows apps
uses. Some of the common languages that the cloud server supports are Visual Basic, C++, C#, and many
others. Allowing you to use various Windows technologies while designing your cloud platform and
hosting content on it, the Microsoft cloud services makes it easier for developers to create applications
for the standard Windows environment.
2. Applications are Designed for 64-bit Windows VMs
Since most of the Windows applications can run on virtual machines, the cloud server also provides
options to install, host, run, and record the performance of the Windows applications with ease. Most of
the applications designed for 64-bit Windows Server 2008 operating system has been designed on a
platform that is suitable for the cloud, hence, require minimal time and effort to make them run on a
cloud. All you need to do is to focus on the code rather than worrying about the hardware.
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