Why You should choose Laminate Flooring in Calgary?

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Wh Yo
Y u
o sh
s o
h u
o l
u d
l ch
c o
h o
o s
o e
s La
L m
a i
m n
i a
n t
a e
t Fl
F o
l o
o r
o i
r n
i g
n in
i Ca
C l
a g
l a
g r
a y
r ?
In this posting we'll review the maintenance information for Laminate Flooring in Calgary. Laminate
floors, like pretty much all other furnishings, require proper care and good maintenance to keep them
pristine. It is always best to follow some easy cleaning and maintenance instructions. This article is
broken down into regular maintenance, protecting the floor and spot removal.
R g
e u
g l
u a
l r
a Ma
M i
a n
i t
n e
t n
e a
n n
a c
n e
The top/surface layer of laminate flooring is hard and compact; therefore, dirt and dust do not stick to it
easily. There are several steps you can use to keep the floor clean. One general thing to do is to use a
dust mop, vacuum with the hard-floor attachment of your vacuum cleaner or wipe occasionally with a
damp cotton or cloth mop. If a more robust clean is needed it is easy to get hold of a good laminate
floor cleaner at a grocery store. For really bad/difficult stains simply use denatured alcohol on a soft
cloth. It is best to avoid using soap, detergent-based cleaners, wax-based products or any type of polish.
The reason is that they will leave a dull and filmy residue. It is also good to note that there should never
be a need to wax or refinish your laminate floor unless you choose cheap eastern imports!!
S o
p t
o Re
R m
e o
m v
o a
v l
Sometimes stains and spots will occur. For all the usual types of stains it is best to use lukewarm and a
non-abrasive cleaner. This works for stains such as chocolate and grease or even wine. You can also use
a specific laminate cleaning product. Some experts do recommence using a denatured alcohol too, this
has advantages especially for stains like tar, markers and crayon or ink. Laminate is also durable against
more resilient stains like candle wax and chewing gum. The best thing to do, for these latter stains, is to
let them harden and then scrape them carefully with a blunt plastic scraper. You could almost argue that
Laminate Flooring is better at dealing with these latter stains than other flooring types like carpet. All
that you need to follow up with, after scraping, is the usual laminate flooring cleaner.
P o
r t
o e
t c
e t
c i
t n
i g
n th
t e
h Fl
F o
l o
o r
There is no such thing as an indestructible flooring material but laminate is very durable! There are a
few simple measures that you can take which will protect your floor. Another good option for Laminate
Flooring in Calgary and everywhere else is to use felt floor protectors. You can use these on moveable
furniture, TV stands, chairs and sofas. On this note it is better to use rubber wheels vs plastic and to pick
up and move furniture not slide it across the Laminate flooring.
Laminate flooring in Calgary is an excellent choice and easy to maintain as our climate isn't too harsh,
just very, very dry! Laminate flooring can offer the aesthetic of wood flooring, tile flooring, or many
other styles as we have discussed previously. The other advantage that we have pointed out before is
that it is cost competitive. The one thing to watch for of course is water. If any water gets under the
laminate, it will quite simply ruin it. So for Laminate Flooring in Calgary watch the snow shoes in the
winter. As always we are happy to help out with any of your needs. Thanks, your WestvalleyFlooring