Why You Should Choose Patagonia Wetsuits

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Why You Should Choose Patagonia Wetsuits
When choosing a wetsuit, one thing you have to consider is your body type. Hence, the suit shouldn't
be too big or too tight for your body so it will be able to provide the right amount of insulation you
need. At the same time, getting the best fit of your suit allows you to go in and out of the water freely.
The main benefit that such product provides is its ability to provide enough insulation compared to the
typical and standard nylon-lined suits. Plus, the material it is made from makes the suit dry faster, last
for a longer time while protects the environment as well. You surely will not be able to enjoy these
benefits from other types of wetsuits.
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Patagonia wetsuits come in 4 different styles which are R1, R2, R3 and R4. Each wetsuit style offers a
specific advantage and has its own size too best for both men and women. The Patagonia R2 wetsuit is
made for individuals to use within cold water. The neoprene lining is about 2mm that has chlorine-free
merino wool. The Patagonia R3 wetsuit also is made with chlorine free merino wool but with a
neoprene lining 3mm thick. Such suit is best used in cold water. Lastly, during frigid water conditions,
Patagonia R4 wetsuit should be utilized. Like the other styles, it has a neoprene lining with chlorine
free wool. But the thickness of the suit differs from body part to body part.
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Moreover, wetsuits from Patagonia are made from neoprene which is a unique nitrogen cell structure
that provides both insulation and durability to the product. It also comes with a patented fabric
construction with merino wool that works in preventing moisture from getting into the skin. Their
wetsuits are also environment-friendly as they make use of recycled materials like polyester, PVC-free
kneepads, thinner neoprene layers, as well as chlorine free wool. At the same time, these wetsuits have
several types specifically hoods, tops, spring suits, full suits, gloves, and vests.
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