Why You Should Consider a Pillow Top Mattress

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Why You Should Consider a Pillow Top Mattress
There are a wide variety of mattresses to choose from when you are ready to buy a new
bed. Though a memory foam mattress seems to be all the rage, a good quality memory
foam mattress can be expensive. Buying a pillow top mattress can give you many of the
same benefits, but at a better price. The main benefits for buying a pillow top mattress
Comfort - A pillow top provides extra cushioning and makes it more
comfortable for your body to lay on, especially on the pressure points of
your body such as your hips. It also provides stability, so when your
partner gets in or out of bed, your sleep isn't disturbed providing you a
deeper, more restful night's sleep.
Support - The cushioning of a pillow top also helps reduce back pain
because the extra padding provides more support for the spine. The
padding also contours to your hips, shoulders and back, taking the
pressure off of them that traditional mattresses add to those areas.
Durability - The added padding of a pillow top mattress helps it
maintain its shape for much longer than a traditional mattress. Every
few years, you need to flip a traditional mattress to avoid sagging, but
with a pillow top's additional cushioning, that isn't necessary as the
padding helps the mattress maintain its shape.
The pillow top portion of a pillow top mattress have foam inside of the casing. The
quality of your mattress, as well as your night's sleep, is dependent on what the foam is
made from. A cheaper foam, which may be comfortable at first, will easily compress
with your body's weight and cause permanent impressions in the foam over time.
You can get pillow top mattresses with latex or memory foam inserts for your added
padding. Both latex and memory foam retains its shape, increasing your mattress'
longevity and comfort. Now you will just need to decide from which manufacturer you
will buy your mattress. To find out more about the types of mattress you can buy, go to
iSleep when you click now.