Why You Should Consider Laser Toenail Treatment

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Why You Should Consider
Laser Toenail Treatment

Are you unhappy with the
(nonexistent) results you are seeing
with toe nail fungus home remedies
and over-the-counter treatments in
stores and online? Millions of people
in the nation suffer from toenail fungus
onychomycosis, is fungal infection of
the nail that is generally difficult to
treat and is likely to recur. This is a
common condition of the toenail that
initially appears as a white or yellow
spot under the toenail. Toenail fungus
is unsightly and embarrassing causing those with the condition to feel self-conscious
about their feet. Fortunately, you can now be freed from toenail fungus with a toenail
fungus treatment in Los Angeles
. Laser toenail fungus removal is a good option for
those who do not want to deal with risky oral medications, nail polish cover- ups, and
ineffective home remedies.

No More Harmful Medications

Have you heard or seen toenail fungus oral medications commercials? Oral
medications have some serious side effects including liver damage. Even when taken,
oral medications do not guarantee freedom from toenail fungus. Some oral medications
require continuous dosages and success rates are nowhere near 100 percent. Toenail
fungus oral medications require regular liver tests to ensure that your liver is healthy.
Why take these medications when cure rates are not high and potentially harm your liver
in the process?

No More Nail Polish Cover-Ups

Those who suffer from toenail fungus apply nail polish to cover up the toenail
fungus but realize that nail polish can only hide what is on the surface. When your
toenails become thickened and abnormal, no nail polish can hide that. Many of us do not
want to walk around the pool area with socks or keep their shoes on during the summer.
In addition, women should be able to wear dressy sandals and those glamorous heels with
pride. Unfortunately, victims of toenail fungus are forced to cover their unsightly toenails
with nail lacquer, wear socks and shoes, or risk uneasy stares from their peers.

No More Ineffective Home Remedies

It goes without saying that toenail fungus treatments are confusing because there
are so many products out there claiming to be successful. These products and treatments
add up over time and burn a hole in the wallet. Thus, those who suffer from toenail
fungus turn to home remedies to save money. One of the most popular home remedies
includes the following ingredients: Vicks Vapor Rub, tea tree oil, and vinegar. Those who

discover these home remedies want to believe that these at-home treatments work but in
reality, come to the realization that it was all the placebo effect. Home remedy success
stories and claims by toenail fungus survivors are not always true and in fact, those who
try home remedies to no avail find themselves even more frustrated than before.

Are you tired of trying all of the mentioned treatments above and fail to see
results? Laser toenail fungus removal in Los Angeles can allow you to return to your
life before falling victim to toenail fungus. Do not let the fungus control your life any
longer--wear your sandals and walk around barefoot with pride today!

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