Why You Should Consider Patrol Dogs

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If you happen to own an important piece of property
or are securing a high-risk area, such as the office of
a large corporation, or a prison, you should closely
consider purchasing some patrol dogs.
People can make great security guards, but dogs are
able to do things that we cannot. A dog-human guard
duo can make a powerful team able to secure even
the most difficult to protect premises.

We humans are clever animals, and we also
have a pretty good sense of sight, at least
during the day. Fact is, however, our sense of
smell is quite weak, at least when compared
to other animals, and especially canines. At
the same time, our sense of sight that
functions so well during the day can't pick up
much at night.
Luckily, where our senses fail, a dog's senses
can excel! Dogs have an extremely good
sense of smell. For us people it's hard to
even imagine what dogs are capable of
smelling! A dog can smell an intruder lurking
in the dark before said intruder is even aware
that there is a dog nearby. Dogs also have
better vision at night than we do.

These special skil s are why the military,
police forces, and the world's best security
firms are increasingly adding dogs to their
team. Dogs are more effective than just about
any machine, alarm system, or camera
Of course, patrol dogs are just one element
of any high-caliber security team. A dog on its
own can secure a premise, such as a
personal home and ward off most intruders.
However, if you are securing a very high-risk
facility, such as a prison, you'l need more
than patrol dogs. Either way, dogs can work
in unison with guards and other elements of
your security team. We also provide K9
handler courses if you're interested in
developing a fully functional K9 unit.

On the other hand, if you are looking to
secure a lower-risk facility, such as a
junkyard or a storage facility, a patrol dog on
its own is enough to ward off most potential
intruders. So no matter your needs, consider
adding a canine to your security system!
As Brad Croft states, "Honestly, I don't think
there's a better security system than a well-
trained canine. Their fearlessness, ability to
smell intruders, and ability to restrain or
disable potential criminals make them perfect
for providing security."
Source: http://goo.gl/Tm83dv

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