Why You Should Drive A Subaru

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A. Michael Garrety

Say you're driving down the road in your car with the windows down. It's 76 degrees
outside, you've got the music up, and life is good. You probably don't think a lot about

your car at that moment, as long as it gets you from point A to point B safely. What if
it is raining though, or worse, snowing? What if weather isn't on your side? Can you
rely on your car to perform its duties safely then? If you're behind the wheel of a

Subaru, you can proudly answer yes, because not only does your car perform well in
bad weather, but it even works overtime, providing you and the community around
you with benefits, even when it is sunny and 76 degrees. My goal here today is to

emphasize the safety, reliability, and community aspects of owning a Subaru, and to
provide you with a little wisdom that you can hopefully use next time you are faced

with the decision to buy a car.

Lets begin with the first thing you should consider when you look at any car: Safety.

I. Safety

A. IIHS Top Safety Pick '10-`12

B. Ring-Shaped Reinforcement Body Structure

1. Seven pieces of metal work together

2. Extremely strong
C. Engine Placement

1. Low Center of Gravity

2. Break-away bolts

You'll feel very safe in a Subaru, that's for sure, but safety alone doesn't make a Subaru
valuable. It also comes down to reliability and staple features.

II. Reliability & Features

A. Most Reliable Auto Maker of 2012

1. Ranked by consumer reports

2. Been second for years, moved to first in 2012

B. Subaru Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive

1. True AWD, not adapted from two wheel drive

2. Driven from transmission, not a transfer gear

3. This means Subaru slips less than any other competitor

4. AWD all the time

C. Superior Handling

1. Developed in its rally days

2. Engine sits low, providing a low center of gravity

Now you have all of the necessities of a good car. Subaru incorporates top-of-its-class
safety and award winning reliability into all of its vehicles to make sure you, the driver,
gets the best possible experience from their car. But what about everyone else?

A. Michael Garrety
III. Community (Friends and the Environment)

A. PZEV Certified (08+)

1. Stands for Partial Zero Emissions Vehicle

2. Meets California's Super-Ultra-Low-Emission standards

3. 90% Cleaner emissions than average new vehicles

B. Subaru Zero Landfill Plant

1. All waste is recycled or turned into electricity

2. Zero waste going to the landfill
3. Single-family home produces more waste per day than the SIA
plant per year.

C. Friends

1. YouTube video

2. User forums

a. General - NASIOC (#38 biggest forum)

b. Model Specific - Subaru Legacy International

c. Area Specific - York PA Area Subaru Group

There are so many various networks of Subaru owners, that it is almost impossible to
not make friends if you get active in the community

Subaru's are truly unique cars. Not only are they top of their class in safety, and have
award winning reliability, and superior features, and industry leading emissions
standards, and friends, but they do all of the persuading themselves. Never have I

owned a car that speaks for itself so much. It looks out for your safety, it introduces
you to new circles of friends, and it does its part helping out the community around

you. It's more like a best friend than a car. The question isn't "Why drive a Subaru";
it's "Why not"?

A. Michael Garrety

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