Why you should prefer Bamboo Flooring

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Why you should prefer Bamboo Flooring

There are many reasons that will make you prefer bamboo flooring over any other kind of
flooring that you may know of. Among these reasons are its durability, it is renewable,
found locally and most importantly its eco-friendliness. All these characteristics in
addition to its fairly affordable price, it makes it an ideal solution to decorative flooring.
The bamboo tiles are tough and can withstand high and heavy traffic, which also adds to
its benefits.
Durability aspects of the bamboo flooring

Among the many benefits that are Bamboo Flooring along by bamboo flooring would be
the ability to handle influx of traffic. Since bamboo is a natural wood-like compound, it
can absorb enormous weights and high friction levels. It also happens to be resistant to
water and moisture provided you lay it time for drying.

User friendliness of bamboo flooring

The fact that bamboo is sort of wooden makes it able to absorb moisture in your internal
room atmosphere. This then saves you from excessive humidity that also has implications
on human health. Moreover, your house is cleaned off the stuffiness that comes along
with excessive humidity and insufficient ventilation. In addition, bamboo tiles make your
room warm and are therefore preferred during winter seasons.

Bamboo is customizable

Bamboo is customizable and one can re-shape it into different designs while laying down
the flooring. If for instance you cannot find one that fits into some tight corner, you may
trim its extensive edges to bring out the exact shape and size that matches the left space.
You don't even need sophisticated machinery as with ceramic tiles! Even simple sharp
objects can do the cutting and trimming.

These bamboo tiles usually come in two Bamboo Flooring Cape town polished and
unpolished tiles. The polished tiles have some furnishing staining done on their surface
and are considered complete and ready for permanent use. On the other hand one may
wish for the unpolished tiles if they are not yet sure of what interior design to apply. This
is when you probably need some polishing later on after identifying the right interior
color of your room. It is then that you may want to match your floors with your wall paint
or interior furniture.

Why bamboo flooring is considered environmental friendly.

Since bamboo is a green product made from bamboo grass, it posses zero threat to the
environment. These tiles are processed naturally with little or even no artificial additives
yet they last longer. You can make them completely eco-friendly by ensuring the use of
natural stains or paints which are also completely harmless to the surrounding.

As a grass, bamboo grows quickly and to great heights while taking up relatively small
land area vertically. As compared to trees which may take at least five years to grow,
bamboos will take two to three years to mature for harvesting. For this reasons they are
preferred for flooring to other kinds of wooden tiles.
For all the above reasons, bamboo flooring offers great benefits enough to convince one
as compared to other various flooring materials.