Why You Should Start Facebook Clone Website To Improve Your Business

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Why Start a Facebook Clone Website for Your

Start your Own Social Network for More Successful Online Marketing

Generally, when we would like to start our online business the opening is to build our website or
blog which contains the necessary information about our products or services etc. After that, we
continue with the optimization of it for getting better rank in search engines such as Google,
advertise it via PPC etc. to get targeted visitors who will buy. This process is rather time and
money consuming and on top of that, there is no guarantee that your website will have targeted
visitors and most of the visitors will never go back . But how could we be more effective in
online marketing? My answer is: Instead of a simple website, start your own social network
based on the niche you have and use the power of social network marketing.

Why your own community website is the best answer for successful social network

First, I want to demonstrate you an example. Let's say, you want to start fitness. You want to get
information so you search on Google. You discover some websites about fitness and you check
out some articles on them. Perhaps, you put one or two websites to favorites, but most of the
website will be never visited again.

Let's say you find a social networking portal whose members are interested in fitness. They share
their ideas, opinions and information about fitness, moreover you can find some friends and you
can also share your opinions or questions. Do you think you will you register or come back? I am
sure, you will as you can find everything you need plus you can build useful relationship, too.

If we check a community site based on a niche from the the social network marketing point of
view, it is one of the most beneficial choice for online marketing as a social network portal has
registered users who are really interested in that niche - that is why they registered - and they will
come back as they would like to know what is going on or as they need information, and this also
means more traffic.

It is obvious that you need to advertise your social networking site and optimize it, but shortly
you could have a website with a lot of targeted visitors and users which is the most significant
factor for effective online marketing. So having a social network is great for online marketing.

Simple to Use Social Networking Software to Start

Fortunately, now there are many great social networking scripts that are easy to manage. These
Facebook clone scripts have all the required options that you and your users need such as
blogging, video sharing, newsletter, private messaging etc. I think the best is PhpFox as it has
hundreds of options. There are many perfect ones for more effective social network marketing,
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