Why you should use Google+?

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Why you should use Google+?
How to have Google reward you handsomely and gain a massive and
total y unf air advantage in the search engine listing by using Google+.
search plus your world.
Search plus your world merges both personalized search, which deals with
tracking your logged-in personal search, and your social media connection
and ef f orts af f ecting search results.
What is search plus your world?
The enhanced algorithm of Google for personalization in your search engine results page.
Help you to dig into Google+ data and pul s this data out with the usual search engine results, and shows it
to you.
This data is pul ed f rom people in your circles, their photos, what they've shared, what they've +1d, ect...
It merges it in a way that tries to makes the search engine's results more relevant to you in terms of your
personal intentions behind the query.
Which means what exactly for you?
It means you want to be in the circle of everyone. You want to be in the circle of anyone and everyone in
your market. Market wil realize that having Google+ prof ile and promoting it, wil get better (personalized)
ranking in Google. If you are on a lot people circles, and good about sharing your value al over, it wil
appear in your circle's "personal result".
Which means, if you accomplish this, you wil gain increased attention in Google+ and Google search.
The rest of the social network are wal et of f garden.
Since Google is the most influential search engine and they are clearly integrating favoring
results coming from people's Google+ circles, this becomes the most important social outlet to
focus on from a Search Engine Optimization Media perspective. Rand Fishkin, SEO MOZ

Arnt Singhul, who oversees Google's ranking algorithm, about the omission of Facebook and twitter.
Facebook and Twitter and other services basical y their terms of service don't al ow us to crawl
them deeply and store things.

Google+ is the only [Network] that provides such a persistent service.
Google search def aults to personalized results, to hide personal results you need to click the button at the
top right corner on the Google search page.

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