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Travelling is usually the highlight of most people's year but don't let paradise
turn to hell. With a few simple supplies you can reduce the risk of serious injury
or illness during your wilderness travel break.
First Aid is a skill for life but if you have not completed a first aid
course, the least you can do is take a first aid kit with you and learn a little about
potential hazards in the area you are travelling to as each year thousands of
people are injured and some even die needlessly on wilderness travel trips.

First aid kits are widely stocked in supermarkets and other retail shops, so there
is zero excuse for not being prepared for less life threatening incidents while
Sunburn is a common injury when travelling but when
Aloe Vera is not on hand, burn gel is a great help and remembering to drink
plenty of fluids. Sunburn is often not seen as a danger but in extreme cases this
can be life threatening, so be careful and always wear sun protection if possible.

If your travels are throughout China, India, Tibet or Egypt then be sure to
bring some Imodium to avoid any stomach discomfort. Often these countries fail
in food preparation standards compared with our own and our stomachs can't
handle the types of bacteria often found in these foreign food and water. Travel
related illnesses such as diarrhea and vomiting are often caused by
contaminated water. However, chlorine tablets are a quick and effective way of
ensuring your drinking water is always clean, even where bottled water is not
available. In many countries such as Egypt, Morocco, all of South East Asia,
Africa, South and Central America and some parts of Europe, western travellers
are not advised to drink the water as bacteria can upset stomachs very quickly.

With all the allergies going around these days, it's a good idea to carry Anti-
Histamines, even if you're not allergic to anything that you know of. On
wilderness travel trips plants, insects and foods that you have not come across
before which could cause a reaction so don't take chances and always check
with your doctor as to what medication to take with you on your travels.

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