Win an Ex Back through Friendship

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Win an Ex Back through Friendship
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While you seem unavailable, you should also be approachable. That is the way how to win an ex back.
By being distant but relaxed and sociable, you will attract him or her towards you again. Learn a new
skill, get an inner and outer makeover, buy new clothes and have a haircut that looks good on you. You
can also go out on casual dates so that you will acquire more friends and options. While you might want
to patch things up as soon as possible, the secret if you want to win your ex back is to be both
approachable and yet unattainable. Be a fun and cool but distant person on the date and your ex will
miss your intimate times together.
He or she will miss being able to hold, cuddle and kiss you especially when you do not make any move to
touch him or her. You get so drunk and you go to his or her place and either start to pick up a fight or
apologize profusely about your mistakes. You could talk about the good times and laugh about them.
Never tread on the bad times as this may trigger bad memories and open up an argument. Be with
positive people who can give you an enjoyable time. Be open to friendship because sooner or later this
will end up into reconciliation. You stalk your former partner by calling often, sending emails, text
messages and love notes, and following him or her wherever they go. If possible, let your ex do the
chasing with the attitude you give.
This means you can still manage to be friendly and casual around your ex. Do things with them again like
a Sunday picnic that you have not done again because you had a partner. With this time alone, you can
start working on your declining self-confidence. Once your relationship has ended, the first thing to do
would be to stay away from your ex and allow both of yourselves distance and time from one another. It
goes to show that you harbor no hard feelings. Heartbreaks can be so painful and it drives you to do
foolish and desperate things to win an ex back. Following these tips will make your ex long for you again.
Your ex will be pressured to want you back. When you are out on a date with your ex, do not talk about
reconciliation. When your ex hears you seeing other people, he or she will get jealous and will find a way
to get you back. Once your ex starts communicating with you and asks you out, say you are busy at the
moment but will try to find a way to fit him or her in your schedule. This will challenge your ex and will
make you a lot more desirable. Suggest your own schedule that he or she will conform to. Go out with
old friends and family members. These are not the ways to win back an ex. When you look and feel
good, your confidence will get back. You can hint you are open to a reconciliation but at the same time
you enjoy being single.
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