Win Your Case with Expert Medical Peer Review Support

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Win Your Case with Expert
Medical Peer Review Support
Managed Outsource Solutions ensures positive
legal outcomes with expert medical peer
support solutions


necessity to decide
reimbursement issues is a
complex task for attorneys
and physicians performing
peer review. Managed

(MOS) offers the medico-
legal industry expert
medical peer review support solutions to
ensure a positive legal outcome. Our dedicated
services allow reviewing physicians to arrive at
an unbiased conclusion to recommend or
negate reimbursement.
In order for the reviewing doctor to find
medical necessity, there must be subjective as
well as objective data that warrants the
treatment provided. It is here that our
medical review services are crucial. They
cover: 1-800-670-2809 1-800-670-2809
* Professional assistance to review medical
records and documentation to determine
medical necessity
* Preparation of medical document and
record histories and summaries
* Chronological document indexing and
* Literature references
Our peer review support for attorneys also
* Support to analyze and summarize
testimonies and past depositions to
discover discrepancies with relevant
medical records
* Demonstrative evidence and assistance in
exhibit preparation, including ppts,
animated presentations, and more
* Pertinent legal and medical references and
research material
Whatever the type of case you're handling -
personal injury, tort, workers' compensation,
disability, medical malpractice and any other
complex medical issue - our comprehensive
medical peer review services
immensely to determine
strengths, and validity. 1-800-670-2809 1-800-670-2809
MOS can ensure you the dedication necessary
to achieve the optimal outcome for your
case, and save you time and money. We
continually receive positive feedback for our
personalized, competitively priced physician
peer review
solutions delivered in custom
turnaround time.
For a free trial of MOS medical peer review
support service, call 1-800-670-2809
About Managed Outsource Solutions:
Established in 2002, Managed Outsource
Solutions (MOS) is a leading outsourcing
company serving the medico-legal industry.
Based in Tulsa Oklahoma, we have been
providing successful support to the medical
case review industry. Our medical review
solutions benefit medical review companies,
insurance companies, law firms, physicians
and other organizations

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