Winter 2011 Fashion Trends Using Wholesale Caps Or Hats

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Winter 2011 Fashion Trends Using
Wholesale Caps Or Hats
Winter 2011 is fast
approaching and with
it comes the
changing fashion
trends. From
wholesale caps or
hats to winter coats
and other
outerwear, it's
easy to take
part in trends
that keep you
looking your
best. If you're looking for the
hottest fashion trends that use a
hat or cap, take advantage of this easy to
fol ow guide.
Jewel Tones Make A Comeback
Jewel tones are some of the hottest colors in
wholesale basebal caps and more. Jewel tones
are rich, deep colors like dark chocolate
brown, plum, ocean teal, charcoal grey,
black and nautical inspired navy. A jewel
tone custom basebal hat can match or
coordinate with an updated jewel tone
casual winter jacket such as a
lightweight fleece.

Textures Add Warmth And Style
Aside from fashion, one of the biggest reasons people
wear wholesale caps or hats is for warmth. Special
details such as cabling and faux fur can help add
to the insulating properties of the hat. Other
details such as distressing and braiding can help
enchance the style and create a custom,
one of a kind look.
Patterns A Strong Look For 2011
Patterns are proving to be a strong trend,
especial y among younger wearers. Oftentimes, young
fashionistas pair patterened wholesale caps or hats with
gloves and scarves in the same pattern. The pairing
creates a pul ed-together look and patterns include
plaids, argyles, Aztec designs and geometrics. Some
fashionistas don't want the matchy-matchiness that
comes with the same design and choose to pair a
patterned hat with a solid color scarf and pair of gloves.
Neon Looks Are Back
If you lived in the late 1970s or early 1980s, you likely
remember the bright, loud neon colors. Today's younger
fashion experts are bringing these back with a
vengeance. Colors like bright
orange, lemon yel ow, lime
green and fuschia pink can be
found on a number of
wholesale basebal caps or
other hats and are an easy,
inexpensive way to ease into
the neon trend.

Animals Make A Resurgence With Young
And Old
For years, babies, toddlers and other smal
children looked adorably cute when
wearing a cap with an animal face or
head. This trend includes animals like frogs,
monkeys, bears, moose, cows and more
and has extended to both young and old.
Why Using Wholesale Caps Or
Hats Is A Great Way To Take
Advantage Of Trends
It can be expensive to fol ow the latest
fashion trends every year. Smart
fashionistas know that something smal
and relatively inexpensive like wholesale
basebal caps or other types of hats are
the perfect way to fol ow trends without
spending a lot. Instead of paying a few
hundred dol ars for a coat that may fal out
of fashion next season, consider using a custom
basebal hat to update your look. It's a quick, easy
way to fol ow fickle trends without breaking
the bank.
Winter 2011 trends can be easy to fol ow,
especial y if you use a cap or hat smartly. Use
this guide and you're sure to be a trendsetter this winter. is a leading
provider of wholesale caps or hats. If you're
looking for a custom baseball hat, has a solution!