Woe, Is Me

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Woe, Is Me
Campaign for Soundwave

Who they are:
Woe, Is Me is a 5 piece metal core band originating from Atlanta, Geor-
gia. Their music is a mix of metalcore and RnB, which coupled with
a lead singer’s voice which can match the likes of Jonny Craig, creates an
amazing sound that is hard to match. They have toured with the likes of
A Skylit Drive, For All Those Sleeping, Of Mice and Men and even Aus-
tralia’s own The Amity Affliction. They have will also appear on the US’
Warped Tour this year. Woe, Is Me have released one full length album to
date called Number[s] and have been featured on “Punk Goes Pop Vol.3”
covering Katy Perry’s song “Hot N Cold”. They are due to start recording
their second album in the near future.
Why I Campaigned For Them:
I campaigned for Woe, Is Me because I believe that they would be an
excellent addition to the Soundwave line up. They have the potential to
be one of the largest bands of their genre all they need is the exposure
for this to happen. Exposure, which I believe that Soundwave Festival
can provide. Their current fan base already consists of people who enjoy
acts who have previously been at Soundwave such as Blessthefal , I See
Stars and Alesana as well as future Soundwave Revolution performers
The Word Alive.
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