Woe unto Psychic Sylvia Browne

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In my article "What does God's Word say about Witchcraft" I presented some information about
the heretical teachings of psychic Sylvia Browne who had written a book called "The Mystical
Life of Jesus-An Uncommon Perspective on the Life of Christ." I exposed a few portions of the
book, outside and inside. But since that initial bit of research I did on her, I felt compelled to do
an entire article on this woman and her aforementioned book.

As I mentioned in my "Witchcraft" article, Sylvia has a spirit guide named Francine who
provides her with "inside" information. And as I mentioned in that same article, I show that
Francine is nothing more than a devil! The heretical information Francine supplies is only going
to help affect weak Christians who are not yet strong in the words of God and will alter their
thinking about Jesus.

Speaking of which, Sylvia was on an episode of Montel recently where the show had the theme
of "Secrets from Beyond." Montel, who was a little too giddy about having Sylvia on his show,
sang the psychic's praises and the audience ate up everything she said. In fact, throughout the
show, people in the audience would stand up and ask Sylvia where she thought they might be in
their lives in a few years. Or people would ask if they should change jobs or if their dead
relatives were still with them.

Clearly these are questions these people need to be taking to God rather than some wild-eyed
servant of devils. People who said that they saw white orbs around them asked Sylvia if they
were angels and she said they were. One person wanted to know if angels had names so she
could communicate with them. Sylvia said angels do not have names, but their spirit guides do.
When people asked what the names of their spirit guides were, she would just throw random
names back at them.

I hate to say it, but people can be so gullible it is not even funny! It is clear to see that people
will believe nearly anything you tell them. As long as it is spiritual in nature and the God that is
spoken of is vague in nature and tone, any doctrine is welcome!

But that is the New Age God and doctrine for you. Full of pluralities and generalities.

So to continue on here, I am going to fully expose the doctrine and New Age attitude of Miss
Sylvia Browne's book, "The Mystical Life of Jesus" chapter-by-chapter in this series of articles.
So sit back and get comfy:

I covered the odds and ends pages in my "Witchcraft" article so we'll jump right into the meat of
the book with chapter 1.

Chapter 1 is titled "Birth and Childhood:"

In this chapter Sylvia's heretical comments begin on page 1. She claims to provide "real and
researched facts according to the latest findings of scholars AS WELL AS INFORMATION
FROM THE `OTHER SIDE' BY MY GUIDE, FRANCINE." And just to show you how much
she relies on her spirit guide, here is a statement she makes on page 71 of Chapter 3, "I believe
what Francine says."
When she gets to the meat of Jesus' birth, this is her first comment, "Christ WAS NOT born in a
manger." She also claims that there WAS room in the local inns. Oh really? Let's see what
Luke 2:7 says:

"And she brought forth her first-born son, and wrapped him in swaddling clothes, and laid him in
a manger; because there was NO room for them in the inn."

On page 3 she claims that, "Joseph was a direct descendant of the ROYAL house of David."
And that "Mary and Joseph were from royal and wealthy Judaic families and consequently Jesus
was born in an inn and not in a stable with animals lying about." First of all, scripture never
once tells us that there was any royalty involved in the house of David, just that Joseph came
from the house of David. In fact the word royal appears in only a handful of Bible books and not
once in the gospels.

On page 5 she attempts to tear apart the virgin birth of Jesus, claiming it was borrowed later on
from other religions as the New Testament was being written. She says, "Matthew bases his
virgin birth story on the prophecy of Isaiah 7:14; but that prophecy clearly states that the name of
the child will be Immanuel, NOT Jesus." If you are laughing at the ridiculousness of this, so I
am! Immanuel is a symbolic name that means "God with Us," not the literal name of a person.

She also claims that many of the "so-called prophecies concerning the Messiah are very dubious
and have blatantly been misinterpreted." On page 7, she voices her personal beliefs about the
New Testament thusly:

"...as far as the New Testament is concerned, its beginnings and writings are highly suspect,
highly prejudicial, and were formulated and edited by the early Christian Church."

On page 9, she makes this statement, "Getting back to the virgin birth of Christ, Francine (her
spirit guide) says that it was NOT a virgin birth and that Joseph impregnated Mary."

And just a side note, I found it interesting that she has a Celtic cross banner at the footer of every

On page 11 she tries to give us extra-biblical information about Joseph by saying, "...he was so
much older than Mary and he thought it wasn't possible for him to have children. Mary was only
sixteen and he was close to forty." I am quite certain that nowhere in scripture do we see how
old Mary and Joseph were, especially with the wide age ranges Sylvia puts forth.

On page 12 she says, "Christ was born in the month of June, according to Francine." Her spirit
guide contradicts scripture with the passage about the angels appearing before the shepherds in
the field from Luke 2:8-20. Shepherding was a seasonal thing done in the spring and fall, so
Jesus could have been born either in the spring or fall.

In chapter1 pages 12-16 and chapter 3 pages 53-54 she claims that Matthew and Luke
consistently contradict each other concerning the nativity narrative. She states this on page 16:

"It is these conflicts that create the possibility of untruth and downright fabrication that biblical
scholars are constantly pointing out. Can we trust these biblical accounts when they seemingly
give different versions that go against each other? Scholars who defend the Bible will constantly
use the argument of `omission' in their defense. In this case they might say that Luke just
omitted the part about Herod and Joseph and Mary fleeing to Egypt. These types of arguments
strain our credulity because the `omission' is so important and significant."

This is incredible! First of all, I can't believe that any Christian scholar would use omission of
scripture as an argument! Nothing was left out of any of the gospels folks. That is if you are
using the King James Bible! The modern English versions chop up the gospels to resemble
Swiss cheese more than God' preserved words! Here is the deal. Let's say there was a major
disaster (like 9/11 for example). Take 4 different people from the crowd that saw what
happened. Now, put pen and paper in their hands and ask them to write what they saw and
heard. It is a 100% fact that each record will be different than the other...which is good! If all 4
gospels read the same way, we might as well only need one. But each is different and serves a
purpose to be different than the other.

So don't let someone tell you that the gospels contradict each other because they read differently,
they should!

Chapter 2, "The Lost Years of Jesus:"

This chapter hardly requires any comment because it is fill of fictitious events and Gnostic
heresy, with the intent of serving one purpose: filling in the gaps in Jesus' teen to adult years, but
there are a few things to mention. On page 22, Sylvia says that, "...common sense makes it
blatantly clear that Christ had to have some, if not many, psychic abilities or talents." At one
point, she claims that Jesus left home and traveled by himself to India and studied there with
"Persian and Arab scholars" and fully embraced their teachings.

Chapter 3, "His baptism and Gathering of Disciples:"

On page 51, Sylvia claims that the wedding at Cana "was actually his (Jesus') wedding to
Magdalene." On page 58, she attempts to dismiss the Creation story and Adam and Eve saying:

"While the Essenes saw baptism as a washing-away of all past life traumas, Christianity made it
into a cleansing of the sins of Adam and Eve (original sin). This, I feel, is a really bad
interpretation. Most scholars believe that the story of Adam and Eve in Genesis of the Old
Testament is symbolic in nature. The story of Adam and Eve reads like mythology and is meant
to be symbolic."

I don't know who all these scholars are she claims hold these views but I would not be surprised
if they were liberals. Furthermore, water baptism does NOTHING for you, it is merely a sign
that you are a born again believer, your death and rising up in Christ Jesus. Your salvation is
based on repenting of your sins toward God by belief in Jesus Christ and receiving him as your
personal Saviour by faith alone!

On page 61, Sylvia talks about the temptation of Jesus as portrayed in the gospels. She makes
her views about Satan very clear in the following:

"They (the gospels) go on to relate how Christ fasted for forty days and nights and how the
`adversary' (edited in as Satan) tempted Jesus by promising him riches and fame."

I hate to break this to Sylvia, but Satan (the adversary) DOES exist and she (if she does not
realize she needs Jesus as her Saviour) will share in the torments of the lake of fire WITH Satan,
who will be "cast into the lake of fire and brimstone...and shall be TORMENTED day and night
for ever and ever." (Revelation 20:10)

Meanwhile, Luke 4:8 says, "And Jesus answered and said unto him, Get thee behind me,
SATAN: for it is written, Thou shalt worship the LORD thy God, and him only shalt thou serve."

Jesus believed Satan existed and resisted his temptations to sin. Who are YOU going to
believe...Jesus or Sylvia?

Again she says, "Francine (her spirit guide) says that no devil as such came and tempted him, but
he did battle with his own conscience." Again, who are you going to believe, Jesus or Francine?

Sylvia relies heavily on the Gnostic gospels and makes this bold claim about their teachings:

"Mary Magdalene, according to Francine, was always by his (Jesus) side, and some teachings in
Gnostic beliefs put forth that she was the direct report of the Mother God at that time, known as
Sophia, just as Christ was a direct report of God the Father. They were here as replications of
the true Mother and Father God. We all have within us the DNA of the divine Creators; but
Mary and Jesus were examples of life as it should be lived..."

On pages 66-67, Sylvia lays down the biggest heresy of the book so far in this statement:

"Jesus employed all the knowledge that he had gained in his travels. Being a Gnostic, he was
never afraid to incorporate any part of any truth or any religion that had true knowledge; he
would just couch his words to fit into Jewish thought and tradition, and extensively used parables
to get his points across. Being an Essene, he was influenced by not only their philosophy, but
their documentation."

Feel free to laugh as much as I am here! I can't begin to imagine how God feels about being
called a Gnostic and an Essene, but saying that he would be influenced by human philosophy and
man-made religions is simply LUDICROUS!

At the bottom of page 68 and on to page 69, she breaks down the time in which Jesus went to the
synagogue in Nazareth to preach and how the townspeople attempted to hurl him off a cliff for
his sayings. She presupposes this about him:

"He was frightened, but he also learned a very important lesson: he had to be careful with his

Who is this lady fooling? There were many things Jesus was NOT worried about and watching
what he said to people was one of them! Just look at John 8:24, "I said therefore unto you, that
ye shall die in your sins: for if ye believe not that I am he, ye shall die in your sins." Does that
statement sound like he was worried about offending people with his words? And just remember
all the times Jesus called the religious scribes and leaders vipers, snakes, blind fools, blind
guides, etc., etc.

A half a paragraph later, she reveals her very personal beliefs about Jesus and who she thinks he

"I have always called myself a Gnostic Christian because I believe in obtaining as much
knowledge as possible about God, and I have always believed that Jesus Christ was a direct
report and messenger from God and I love his teachings. BUT HERE IS THE KICKER: I don't
necessarily ascribe to all of the teachings as put forth in the Bible, and I DON'T FEEL HE IS
of you might ask, `How can you call yourself a Christian then? I call myself Christian because I
do believe in Christ's teachings and I do believe in his divinity as a SPECIAL ENTITY FROM
GOD. I DON'T believe in the concept of a savior for mankind."

She wants to "obtain as much knowledge about God" as she can huh? Well, there is ONLY one
book to go to Sylvia...the King James Bible! She'll never get saved unless she believes in Jesus
as her personal Saviour, period! And simply believing in Christ's teachings and divinity does not
make you a Christian...it makes you an admirer!

On page 71, she brings us back to the loving-only God of the New Age movement, saying,
"Jesus tried to point out the loving qualities of God in various ways, but the Bible says he
retained the belief that God would punish the wicked and stands in judgment. Francine has told
me that Jesus did not believe in those two concepts and that he never said God would punish

anybody or that there would ever be a day of judgment."

Again, Sylvia's spirit guide Francine proves to be nothing more than a devil! Jesus had PLENTY
to say about punishment, judgment, wrath, hell and eternal damnation! Look at John 5:22, "For
the Father judgeth no man, but hath committed all judgment unto the Son." And look at John
9:39, "For judgment I am come into this world, that they which see not might see; and that they
which see might be made blind." Now consider this profound statement from Jesus from John
12:48, "He that rejecteth me, and receiveth not my words, hath one that judgeth him: the word
that I have spoken, the same shall judge him in the last day."

Jesus uses the phrase "the last day" several times and the Book of Revelation chapter 20 gives us
the best example of judgment and torment for those who are cast into the lake of fire.

She goes on to say:

"Francine says what Jesus really preached about punishment was that those who do evil deeds
WHILE IN INDIA AND BELIEVED IN. The writers of the Bible inserted that God would do
the punishing and completely edited out Christ's words about the universal law of karma because
it referred too much to Eastern philosophies and religions and smacked of reincarnation."

Notice all the times Sylvia uses the word Christ more than Jesus' name or even Jesus Christ?
This is the New Age scheme of things: that Christ is a revealer of any and all truths, regardless of
whether or not it is really from God or someone or something else!

This is the end of part one of this mini-series I have embarked upon in exposing the things in this
book. I am currently working on parts two and three of this three-part series.

"Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith,
giving heed to seducing spirits, and DOCTRINES OF DEVILS." (1 Timothy 4:1)

Chapter 4 "His Early Ministry and Miracles:"

On page 78, she talks about the miracles of Jesus and his role in fulfilling them. She gives her
support for other messiahs in this statement:

"Not to malign OTHER messiahs or messengers, but no one has had miracles attributed to them
as Christ has."

That statement is yet another reason Sylvia will never get saved if she gives credence to other
messiahs and fails to believe there is only ONE true messiah!

In the next paragraph, she claims that the people Jesus talked to in the crowds were "largely
illiterate, just as most of his disciples were." Because someone was a fisherman makes them
illiterate or uneducated? This is ridiculous! It is entirely possible that at least one of the

Apostles was documenting what was going on and what was being said by Jesus. And we also
must remember this, "...he (the Holy Spirit) shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your
remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you."

Throughout a portion of this chapter, she discusses Jesus's miracles, which ones appear in which
gospel and so on. But on page 81, she confuses Catholic doctrine with true Christian doctrine
saying, "...converting bread and wine into his body and blood (not accepted literally by all

She is describing the Catholic Church's Eucharist/Mass ceremony where the priest (supposedly)
has the power to magically transform the wafer and wine into the body of Christ, re-sacrificing
him over and over, as many times as the Mass is held.

On pages 82-85, she talks about the issue of evil spirits, devils and whatnot. At the bottom of
page 82 to 83, she states her personal views about devils:

"I have always said there are no demons and no devil and that so-called `possessions' are either
schizophrenia or the overactive and suggestive mind emoting emotion in a big-time way."

In the next paragraph, Sylvia states this, "Francine (her spirit guide) says that these accounts of
Jesus casting out demons are greatly exaggerated." Francine goes on to say later on, "He went
into an altered state of consciousness to become a tube or vessel for healing energy from God."

You gotta be kidding me! Going into "an altered state of consciousness" is called Meditation.
This is Eastern philosophy.

On page 85 Sylvia addresses Jesus' Messiahship. She states this:

"It would be consistent for the early writers or editors of these gospels to try to portray Jesus as
the Messiah and to try to have him do as many miracles as possible to document his authenticity
as the Jewish Savior put forth in their many prophecies. Although he was not accepted as the
savior for the Judaic people, he did become, through Christianity, the Savior and Messiah of
Christians worldwide."

Sylvia makes it sound like the gospel writers merely used Jesus to be the Messiah, helping (by
way of their writing) to force the fulfillment of prophecy to make him be the Messiah. Jesus did
not need help to fulfill prophecy, he did it all on his own! Jesus was the Savior of ALL people,
regardless whether you were Jewish, or Gentile, free or slave. He is still the Savior for ALL

The last sentence on this same page reads:

"Francine says that Jesus was always humble because he knew that God was the one giving him
any power that he used and was always able to keep his ego in check."

Again she fails to realize that Jesus was and is more than just a vessel or someone merely being

used by God but that he IS God incarnate, God made flesh!

Over the next several pages, she introduces the teaching of karmic law and reincarnation. She
states this on page 87, "...Christ had learned and accepted the philosophy of reincarnation." This
is flat out HERESY!

On page 89, Sylvia talks about the things Jesus did on the Jewish Sabbath and about Judaic law.
She makes this statement:

"With Christ performing healings and miracles on the Sabbath, we now can see more fully why
Francine said he had come to `change the law rather than to fulfill it. If Christ said he came to
fulfill the law, he most certainly would not have consistently defied Judaic law; but if, as
Francine said, he had come to `change the law,' Jesus would have had no problem in breaking
laws that he felt needed changing."
Sylvia's little devil spirit Francine needs a lesson in scripture:

"Think NOT that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am NOT come to destroy,
BUT to FULFILL. For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle
shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled." (Matthew 5:17-18)

On page 91 she again claims by Francine, "that Jesus did not believe in an entity called the
Devil. There are numerous scriptures that clearly tell us Jesus DID believe the Devil existed
Seeing as how Jesus created the devil!

The next section of this article I am going to need to quote more than a page of Sylvia's book
where she discusses the Transfiguration. Her heresy extends through more than a full page, so
just bare with me. She state this on page 99:

"I would also like to address the miracle of the Transfiguration of Christ (Matthew 17:1-9; Mark
9:1-8; Luke 9:28-36). This incident is where Christ took several of his disciples up a mountain
and then transfigured himself and was seen by the disciples talking with Elijah and Moses. The
Bible tries to explain `transfigured' by describing how Christ glowed with a heavenly light and
his garments turned the whitest of white. What they were trying to explain was an out-of-body
experience (astral projection or astral travel) that Jesus was having. Christ, with his power and
training in India, would have been able to do this at will and with probably more power than
most, and was consequently seen by the disciples in this astral state. When a person goes into an
astral state (almost all of us do this, sometimes two or three times a week; we just don't usually
remember it consciously) they assume their astral body, which is the body of the soul, and many
times go to the Other Side (heaven). This, of course, is what Jesus was doing; he went to the
Other Side in an astral state and talked with Moses and Elijah.

"All of them would have seemed to be in a glorified state because they were. As I have
explained in my books, on the Other Side the colors are much more vivid (see the gospel
passages that describe the whitest of whites) and glowing, and countenances can change because
of personal preference. The miracle here is not Jesus going into an astral state, as most of us do
at one time or another; but that the disciples were able to see and hear Christ, Moses and Elijah

on the Other Side. The incident of the Transfiguration then ends with God taking the form of a
cloud and telling the disciples to listen to Jesus."

Phew, did you catch all that? First off, I did my own research on astral projection and travel and
so on many years ago for a book I was planning to write called "Astral Mechanix." It was about
a secret government program that was using supernatural beings that would project their astral
form (which was code-named a "ghost form") to be used in sabotage, espionage, assassinations
and intelligence gathering. If memory serves, I believe the physical body becomes comatose,
with highly elevated brain activity. If as Sylvia claims Jesus was having an astral experience, he
would not at the same time be conscience and talking to anyone.

I came up with a remedy for that in my aforementioned book where a rival government operation
called Blue Cell implanted their single agent with a chip in his brain where at the moment of
astral projection, the chip would initialize and awaken the agent where his ghost form could go
off and perform its own mission and he could do something else. When the ghost form re-
entered his body, the chip would shut off.

Anyway, the whole idea of Jesus having an out-of-body experience is so ridiculous it is not even
funny. She also claims that the Other Side is (heaven). Apparently according to her, anyone
who project their astral form can go to this "Other Side" or as she puts it (heaven). Well, gee if
that is true, we all can go to heaven whenever we want and we don't need Jesus to do it!


Yeah I know I used too many exclamation points, so what!

In the middle of page 101, Sylvia has the audacity to refer to Jesus as "our Lord." He only
becomes the Lord of your life when you receive him as your personal Saviour.

Chapter 5 "Mary Magdalene, the Beatitudes of Christ:"

At the bottom of page 104 of this chapter Sylvia gets into the issue of how the Catholic Church
(NOT the Christian church body) devised its claim that Mary was a prostitute and whatnot. Here
is her statement:

"Why would the Church associate Mary Magdalene with being a sinner and a person of ill
repute? Perhaps the Church knew what I know and wanted to hide the fact of the marriage and
devotion between Jesus and Mary Magdalene for fear that it would take away from his divinity."

First of all, I am not going to try to justify the Catholic Church's position about Mary since I feel
ALL their doctrine is corrupt, but as a born again believer, scripture tells me Mary WAS a sinner
and WAS possessed by 7 devils that Jesus did cast out, BUT says nothing of her being a

At the bottom of page 109, Sylvia states:

"Jesus was preaching and expounding on a loving God, a God who was forgiving and kind,
while the Pharisees and Sanhedrin remained loyal to the God of Moses who set down strict laws
and commandments. The God of Moses was such that if you didn't believe in him, then you
would have a vengeful and wrathful God who would rain havoc upon you and you would be
condemned to a life of misery in hell on the Judgment Day. But here was Jesus, sent as God's
messenger to try to set the truth down once and for all. You must realize that religion at that
time, as even sadly today, is based on guilt, unworthiness and fear of God."

She is trying to describe two different Gods here. In actuality, we have ONE God, full of both
love and justice. To make God a God of love only is a corruption of his nature. From pages
112-120, she explores the Matthew and Luke versions of the Beatitudes where we find her
making this comment on Matthew 5:11-12:

"(I know many interpret this to mean persecution for believing in Christ; BUT I like to interpret
it as persecution for believing in truth, which Christ was a symbol for. It also reads a lot like my
life...with my critics and detractors; for later on Christ says not to hide your light under a bushel
and to let your light shine before men. Well...I think I'm trying to do that, and I know after I die
I will be going to the Other Side, just as all of you are.)"

Okay, her first mistake is the REAL misinterpretation (and admitting to it) of verse 11. Then she
makes a profound error in assuming she is going to go to (heaven) the Other Side in her mind
and on top of that, making the assumption that so will everyone else. Not to mention the fact
that she gives a "private" interpretation of Scripture, which God through Peter's letter condemns!

Back on page 116 at the bottom and on over to 117, she makes her most heretical statement thus
far after quoting Luke 6:37, which reads: "Judge not, and ye shall not be judged: condemn not,
and ye shall not be condemned: forgive, and ye shall be forgiven." Here is her comment about
this verse:

"(This is my personal favorite, and I really wish that more so-called `Christians' would have this
branded on their soul. A true Christian would never say, `If you are not saved by the blood of
Jesus Christ, you will be damned to hell,' for it is not only judgmental but condemning. If you
ever hear a preacher, evangelist or priest say this...RUN, for they truly do not understand the
meaning of Christ's teachings.)"

NO Miss Browne, it is YOU who do not understand the meaning of JESUS Christ's teachings!
ANYONE who "claims" to be a true Christian (a born again believer that is) WILL say, "If you
are not saved by the blood of Jesus Christ, you will be damned to hell," because it is what God's
words commands as part of the gospel of Christ. It is NOT being judgmental or condemning...it
is the preaching of salvation through the blood of Jesus, shed on the cross. And as believers, we
need to pray that there are preachers and evangelists out there espousing the gospel of Christ
according to the Bible!

Lord knows there are NOT enough of them out there in the world doing it! In fact too many are
preaching prosperity and health and wealth for the truly faithful. So by all means RUN TO the
men that preach these things! And her statement is yet ANOTHER reason why she will never