Women’s Boots - Fashion Statement For Chilly Winters

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Women's Boots - Fashion Statement For Chilly Winters

A woman's wardrobe cannot be complete without some exquisite pairs of shoes. Among many
different types of shoes available in the market, women's boots dominate the wardrobe,
especially during the chilly winters. This type of footwear suits any kind of dress. Obviously, the
number one benefit of these shoes and sandals is that they provide warmth and comfort when
weather is cold. Moreover, this footwear is also used as a fashion accessory.

In the past, boots were used mainly with trousers and they usually went under the trousers.
However, this trend changed in the decade of 1980s when the runaway girls used them with so
many outfits. They used to don boots with whatever they wear. So, the use of boots with
different types of dresses became a norm after the new fashion set by these models.

Material Of Boots

As boots need to be resistant to constant wear and tear, leather is the material that best suits
them. And leather is also chosen for its comforting feel. Leather also makes boots long lasting.
However, only good quality leather makes this footwear most usable in winter. Genuine leather
is definitely important for long life of boots. It is smooth and warm during chilly months.

Women boots are also made up of suede. Suede is also known for its toughness. Moreover,
suede gives a very charming look to the wearer. Therefore, Suede are popular among all types
of ladies.

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Women Boots Colors

The most commonly found colors of women boots are traditional black or brown colors.
However, women have also started to use bright colored boots that have their own unique

Pointy To Platform Design

Pointy ankle boots are attention-grabbing and trendy all over the world among the women. For
the adolescent females, their thought of boots makes them visualize these pointy shoes. These
boots are usually polished with high finishing. Slightly tapered pointy boots can be completely
dazzling. All these boots have rocked the fashion world.

Wedge ankle boots come with wedge-shaped sole, acting both as the heel and the sole. These
shoes are a great choice for women with extra weight. They also make women look tall and
that's why the effect of weight is cancelled.

Stiletto heel boots are also very common in the market. These boots increase the height of
women and so the footwear makes women noticeable. The high stiletto ankle boots turn
women into gorgeous beings. They are a complete footwear for woman of all ages. Of course,
young women are attracted to these boots more.

Platform ankle boots can be matched with miniskirts and shorts to give a woman complete
look. These designer shoes have wide yet high soles designed to give comfort. They are also a
good shoes to have in a women's wardrobe.

The amazing styles and materials make women boots attractive. The goal of such footwear is to
provide comfort and warmth. These boots have become a fashion statement for women lately.

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