Women Self Defense

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Ladies, have you ever wanted to take a self-defense course, but didn't
know where to look? Or perhaps were a little unsure about what exactly a
seminar has to o er? The Hilliard Martial Arts Center has the solution for you.
Women’s Self-Defense
Know how to protect yourself in today’s society
About Dan McConnell
Learn simple yet e ective techniques in a safe and comfortable environ-
Dan McConnell has been practic-
ment. The strategies taught can be done by everyone. You don't have to be
ing and instructing martial arts for
strong or have previous experience in order to perform these techniques.
more than 30 years. He provides a
The goal of this seminar is to provide women with knowledge that they
safe training environment for all of
will be able to carry with them everyday.
his students. With three daughters
of his own, he's well aware of the
Some topics that will be covered are:
growing need for women to learn
• Being aware of your surroundings and reducing the risk of being a target
how to protect themselves.
• Effective, reality-based defense techniques that can be used against an
attacker trying to subdue you
• How to use your enviornment for protection
• Full contact practice on padded attacker!
seminar presented by
Hilliard Martial Arts Center
3840 Lacon Rd, Suite 4, Hilliard, OH 43026
Contact Dan McConnell
[email protected]
Learn more at www.teamHMAC.com
$55 at the door, $50 if you come as a group of 3 or more
Wear comfortable clothing and bring a friend!
Saturday, July 24
A 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization