Wordpress Cloaking Plugin To Get More Commisions

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Wordpress Link Cloaking Plugin
Why do you need a WordPress cloaking plugin? If you are interested in affiliate marketing - no
matter what type of products you promote and which affiliate network you work with - the
affiliate links you use always show that you sell that thing for commission.
Many internet users can recognize these types of links and they do not like clicking on them.
Moreover, these affiliate links are sometimes long and messy - just think about Amazon. So
cloaking is about hiding these links in order to make them easier to manage, share and protect. It
is proven fact that cloaked affiliate links convert better. So this method is really important for
successful internet marketing.
Another important fact is that search engines also do not like the
typical affiliate links, so for SEO purposes it is also a good idea to

In case you use WordPress you can use a link cloaking plugin just like
Eclipse that helps you to cloak, manage and track all your affiliate
links easily. This plugin not only help you to cloak all your affiliate
links, but also have many special options to get more commissions and track your statistics. With
the help of this WordPress cloaking plugin you can increase your affiliate income and make
online marketing simpler and more effective.
You can check out some demo how it works here

Advantages of using WordPress Cloaking Plugin
Protect your affiliate links: Some of the visitors can recognize the affiliate links and
they usually delete the affiliate code from the end of links. So, you lost commission. This
WordPress link cloaking plugin hide your affiliate ID. This way you can get more
Automatic affiliate link cloaking. After setting up the plugin you can cloak all the
external links.
Turn keywords into links. After adding a keyword or keyword phrase this WordPress
cloaking plugin will automatically scan your blog for those keywords and turn them into
Multiple cloaking types. Use a plain redirect, show the cloaked link inside a frame,
redirect while hiding your referrer information, and more.

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Advanced click statistics. Use the powerful Google Analytics system to track clicks on
your cloaked links. This option helps you to get more info on which posts work better,
why type of anchor text is more effective etc. Really useful for testing purposes.
To sum up, this WordPress cloaking plugin can help you to have more commissions from selling
more affiliate products.

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