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WordPress Training - How to Build a Website In Less Than a Day

In the early days of the internet, creating a website was a slow process because it had to be
written in HTML. Over time, templates were developed to provide the framework for web sites, and
some of the tedious work was eliminated. Nonetheless, putting a working website together took
time, even for those with experience.
The problem with this method of site design was the templates still required a lot of tweaking and
testing to make them work as desired. Even after spending countless hours working on a website,
an update to a shopping cart or other element in the site might be incompatible with another
portion, which required once again working with the code so everything would function properly.
The attraction of WordPress to so many people is that it allows you to have a site uploaded and
functional in less than half an hour. You spend more time creating your web content rather than
programming and testing code.
New users of WordPress may feel a bit intimidated at first, but a video crash course showing
someone else building a site from beginning to end is an excellent way to catch on fast. Even total
beginners can build their first website in less than a day if they have the right information to start
WordPress is very user friendly, and it is also very powerful. You'll benefit greatly from pointers
and tips from experienced users allowing you to take advantage of all the built in features and free
plug ins.
Many open source products are updated for a short time and then abandoned by the creators.
Software must be updated regularly, though, to continue to function with ever changing
technology. WordPress is a very well received platform and has so many users that support
should be available for a long time to come.
Even though it was intended for blogging sites at the outset, WordPress is easily adaptable with
plug ins to create whatever type website desired. Currently, WordPress sites account for almost
1/4 of all new websites.
WordPress is also free and so are most of its compatible plug ins with the exception of a few
select ones. Spending a bit of time training in WordPress is a small price to pay for the ease and
convenience of having a website up and running in less than a day.
It is important to note that there are two different WordPress blogging platforms. One works
independently on your own server or hosting space, while the other is an account set up on the
WordPress server. The most powerful and customizable is the version you host on your own
hosting space, independently of the WordPress server.
Find out how easy it is to build an impressive website quickly and easily by watching a WordPress
Crash Course video showing how a site is built from the ground up. Build your new website by the
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Wordpress Crash Course
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