Wordpress SEO Plugins That You Should Consider To Use

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If we use WordPress system for our site, it gives as many options for SEO by using WP SEO
plugins. You can find hundreds of SEO plugins for WordPress freely, but using of them is crucial
for effective SEO. Here you can find 11 very effective WP SEO plugins which help you to
search engine optimize your site.
Free WP SEO Plugins
1. All in One SEO Pack WP plugin:

This WP SEO plugin enables to give meta tags like title, keywords and description for our site
and for the posts. With the help of it we can tweak our website.
2. Google XML Sitemaps WordPress Plugin :
This plugin automatically generate the sitemap of your site. This WP sitemap plugin can be
tweaked by the administrator. It makes a sitemap of all the pages and posts or categories, too,
depends on you. When you update anything on your blog Google XML sitemap is updated, too.
Download here.
3. SEO Watcher Wp Plugin:
SEO watcher WordPress SEO plugin is a kind of statistical software which checks your daily
google rankings. Download here.
4. SEO Smart Links WordPress plugin:
SEO Smart Links can link phrases and keywords in your comments and posts with related posts,
categories and tags on your website. The latest plugin version can be downloaded here.
5. SEO Friendly Images WordPress plugin:
This WP SEO plugin optimizes the images in our posts and pages. SEO friendly images plugin
adds TITLE and ALT attributes to the images, if we haven't done that yet. Very important tool
to optimize the images on our blogs. Download here.

6. SEO Title Tag plugin:
SEO Title Tag WP plugin is a special title tag optimization tool which optimizes the title tags
across your website. You can not only optimize the posts, but also the pages, and the homepage.
Download here.
7. WP Chiclets plugin
This WP SEO plugin is rather a traffic tool which enables the visitors to share the post or the
pages and give RSS feed of your site to their RSS reader. Download here.
8. HeadSpace2 SEO plugin for wordpress:
Headspace WP SEO plugin is a special SEO tool for WordPress which also gives options to
manage title, description and keywords meta tags. This can also be a good solution for search
engine optimizing a sit provides hundreds of options for optimizing. Download here.
9. WordPress.com Stats plugin:
This is a special complex statistical WP plugin which shows
everything we need to know about our website. It gives stats of
the visitors, the search engine traffic, links etc. Download here

Commercial WP SEO Plugins
I want to show you two commercial WP SEO plugins which are used by me and they are
admitted by SEO specialist.
1. SeoPressor WP SEO Plugin
This is a revolutionary WP SEO plugin that helps you write SEO friendly posts. It gives
suggestions what should be done and changed before publish your posts. It tells you what to do
with keywords, headtags, images everything. I use this WP SEO plugin for a months now and I
have doubled by traffic just because I optimized my excising post. When I write my posts I
follow the suggestions and that is all.
Click here to see it in action.

2. SEO Booster Pro
SEoBooster Pro is a kind of "install and let it works" type of dynamic WP SEO plugin that
automates your blog by tracking, analyzing and utilizing the incoming searches from the search
engines. SEO Booster PRO automatically tracks your incoming visitors from Google, researches
the current ranking of the keyword, and then starts promoting the best suited keywords, after
installation, you don't need to do anything else.
Click here to see it in action