Work Safety Banners Promote Safety Awareness

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Safety should always be a top priority in any industrial work setting. Many employers only place small photocopied
notices that do nothing more than keep the employer in compliance with OSHA regulations.
Simply notifying employees and workers of safety measures is not enough, practicing the outlined safety procedures
and precautions is equally important. One way of constantly reminding people of taking appropriate safety measures is
by using high quality, good looking safety banners. For maximum effect, place banners, safety posters and signs
anywhere your employees will see them - by the door where your drivers head out on deliveries, in the lunch room, or
even in the bathroom!
Some safety banners and signs are employed to promote a particular safety program or awareness campaign being for
a specific period of time. Include pertinent information and make sure contact details are appropriate and easily
understood. Most importantly - place them in visible areas! The same goes for banners that mention specific areas of
caution such as work zones or construction sites.
Remember, people will be looking at the signs you are generating and basing their movement on what is mentioned.
The well-being and overall interests of your employees will be your top priority Examine your signage from various
angles, and if applicable, consult with safety experts as well about how to more proficiently address the issues as
related to your endeavor. Be sure to find high quality safety materials that will last a long time and stay good looking
and effective for many years to come.
It is, of course, necessary that you educate all your staff in safety issues. You should make sure that all new staff are
trained all safety policies, ways to implement the policies and make certain the staff really know what is needed of
them. The veteran staff will need a refresher course at least once a year to either remind or update them on any latest
information. As well as this, it is necessary that all managers and supervisors frequently ensure that the safety
procedures are being ensued on a daily basis.
One of many ways the staff can be reminded of such is of course with the use of safety banners. Safety starts with
Harkins Safety, Inc. - your source for workplace and industrial safety banners, safety posters, stickers and industrial
safety signs. Custom made or ready to use.

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