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Register a Company
FastCo has got two sorts of companies available namely shelf companies which are available to
use from day one and customized companies. Directors, secretary as well as shareholders can
be provided through their nominee services. What's more, FastCo is capable of open a bank
account, provide nominee services and have the company ready for you inside one day if an off
the shelf company is selected.
1. Company registration (Cyprus)
FastCo has two kinds of Cyprus companies available:
Shelf companies which are ready to use from day one. They are able to open a bank account,
provide nominee services and also have the company ready for you just within twenty four hours.
This is the fastest choice available to register a company in Cyprus as the name of the company
is already approved and the company is registered. You can of course change the company
name through an application to the Registrar of Companies for a little fee, and provided it is
approved you can have the name you would like for your company.
Tailor made company. Using this option you choose the name and FastCo sends it for approval.
Directors, secretary and shareholders can be supplied through their nominee services. Next to the
Registrar's approval and submission of all the appropriate documents, the company can be ready
to use in just about 2 weeks time. This period can be decreased to 4 days by the payment of a
small charge.
2. Company registration in other jurisdictions
FastCo can register a company for you in the following areas:
British Virgin Islands
St Vincent and the Grenadines
Malta Mauritius
Hong Kong
As above, you can select either an off the shelf company that will be a quicker choice or register
the company with a name of your choice.
FastCo can also open a bank account in the country of your choice.
Once more FastCo can offer you a full range of nominee services including directors,

shareholders, company secretary and registered office.
Their nominee services provide you with a dependable solution to sustaining anonymity while at
the same time delivering full confidentiality.
Their team is ready to aid you in all audit, tax, legal concerns and worldwide tax structures both in
Cyprus and in a range of other jurisdictions where they have close ties with reputable service
For supplementary information, make sure that you check out FastCo web page by simply clicking
on this link About FastCo. You may also want to check out this