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WP Traffic Up Plugin The Only Exit Traffic
Plugin You'll Ever Need With Video "Autoplay
Ready" Technology Built-In...
With WP Traffic Up Plugin, not only can visitors see a full page, but that page can
even have an autoplay video on it. This is the ONLY software that I know that has this
kind of technology, they call it “Autoplay Ready”.
WP Traffic Up Plugin Overview
Homepage: WP Traffic Up Plugin Official Site
Product Name: WP Traffic Up Plugin
Type of Product: WP Plugin
Authors: Mark Hess & Michael Thomas
Target niche: Traffic Generation, Make Money Online, Brand New Advanced
Exit Intent Technology
Official Price: $17.95
Special Offer: 35%-OFF Here! (It’s only at $9.95 for a very limited time)
Bonuses: [EXCLUSIVE] You will get any of the bonus packs in below:
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What is WP Traffic Up Plugin?
We all know exit popups work.
Marketers for years have been using them to make the most out of traffic.
But there are some people out there that still refuse to use them and I get why…
They were ugly.
Well the “ugly” exit popups are now dead and they aren’t coming back.
Chrome and Safari recently made changes to their browsers that rendered them
Some people will be happy while others who were using traditional exit popups are
Well a new Wordpress plugin just launched and you need to see it in action if you want
to start capturing exit traffic.
It’s called WP Traffic Up Plugin and it’s totally different than anything else out there.
Here’s an overview of how it works…
When someone goes to leave your page/site, they will be shown a full page that slide up
using 9 built-in animation effects.
You specify the URL people will be shown when they leave your site. So this can be an
optin page, affiliate offer, squeeze page, webinar signup form, one of your sales pages, or
anything else. Heck, you don’t have to own the site.
But the really awesome thing about this plugin that makes it really unique is that those
pages can even have autoplay videos on them. WP Traffic Up Plugin is the ONLY
plugin or piece of exit intent software that will do this.
How Does WP Traffic Up Work Plugin?
Special Features of WP Traffic Up Plugin:
Easily Profit From Your Exit Traffic With Your Products
Or Affiliate Offers
With WP Traffic Up, your options are limitless.
Whenever a visitor is about to leave your site, you can instantly have another of your
own offers, or an affiliate offer presented to them.
Your visitor doesn't even need to click anything or take any action of any kind.
As soon as they're about to leave the page, your offer will be shown to them.
9 Stunning Transition Animations
WP Traffic Up features 9 stunning transition animations that will instantly grab your
visitors attention.
No more "choppy" cut animations, or half-baked, half loaded pages, double scroll bars
or any other nonsense from poor plugins.