Wrestling Naked Warrior Camp

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Wrestlers' Naked Warrior Camp
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Punch Gym Rumford~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Punch Gym & Slamtech Wrestling University

Join forces to bring you a specialty program designed specifically for Weekend
Warriors, Amateur, and Pro Wrestlers that will:
~Get you the lean, athletic body the WWE, TNA, and ROH are looking for!

~Improve conditioning
"In my short time at Punch, I've improved
~Increase power and strength
my strength and stamina all while
burning fat and losing 40+lbs! My

~Improve flexibility and mobility
performance is better than ever. It has
helped me increase my status in the pro

~Give you a resilient mind and body to become the ultimate ring technician
wrestling field."

~Bob Evans, pro wrestling trainer
5 Week Program Includes:
~ Bodyweight Strength Evaluations using Naked Warrior methods
~ The Naked Warrior by Pavel
~Individual Grappling, Movement & Power Evaluation using Collegiate and
Professional Strength Equipment
~Wrestling-Specific Training Session each week using the most proven
tools and techniques in the industry
~Unlimited Faze 1 Classes at Punch Gym
~Guidance and Instruction from Professional & former Professional

Program Information:
Punch Gym Rumford
Begins: Saturday, June 12th 11:00am and runs for 5 weeks
20 Newman Ave.
Meets: Saturdays @ 11am
Rumford, RI 02916
Cost: ONLY $ 279
**Registration deadline Saturday, June 5th
To enroll or for more details, please call 401-383-5959 or
email [email protected] or [email protected]