Wrist Wearable Devices Market: North America leads with high demand for wearable tech gadgets

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Wrist Wearable Devices Market Analysis by Components (Power
Supply, Sensing, Memory, Display); Products (Smart watches,
Smart bands, Monitoring Devices, Fitness); Applications
(Lifestyle, Medical, Sports, Infotainment) - (2013 - 2020)
Published on 12 December, 2014 | Number of pages : 180
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The research methodology used to estimate and forecast Wrist Wearable Devices Market
Analysis begins with capturing data on key vendor revenue through the secondary
Summary of the Report:
Wrist Wearable Devices are electronic computing devices that are integrated with
smart technologies and have sensory and scanning capabilities which are worn on
wrist. These devices are designed for tracking of physiological functions of the
individual’s body for accessing real time data with help of another connected
device. There is high scope for the Wrist Wearable Devices Market in various
regions across the globe through 2020.
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Topics Covered in this report :
Regional forecast of the Wrist Wearable Devices Market:
According to the MIR market research analysis report, North America is the leading
market for Wrist Wearable Devices Market. This region has the highest demand for
Home Healthcare Devices that can be used access patient’s record accurately.
The healthcare industry is driving the growth of the Wrist Wearable Devices Market
through 2020. Various reasons such as tracking physical activity, patient’s records and
accessing health and wellness conditions are fueling the utilization of these devices in
healthcare industry.