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Web 2.0 for Grownups by Dan Woods, CTO and Editor, www.EvolvedTechnologist.com, [email protected] Evolved Technologist Copyright 2009 What is Evolved Media? What is Evolved Technologist? www.EvolvedMedia.com www.EvolvedTechnologist.com Evolved Technologist Copyright 2009 Evolved Technologist Press Evolved Technologist Copyright 2009 Books Authored by Evolved Technologist Wiley O'Reilly O'Reilly O'Reilly Media, Inc. Media, Inc. Media, Inc. O'Reilly Addison-Wiley Wiley Wiley Media, Inc. Wesley Evolved Technologist Copyright 2009 Collaboration for Grownups means Collaboration for Grownups (CFG) is the idea that to be successful, we must do things differently when we are working than when we are collaborating as individuals and consumers. I refer to the latter form as Collaboration for Individuals (CFI) Evolved Technologist Copyright 2009 What is the Problem The broad domain of collaboration that includes Email, Web 2.0 (Blogs, Wikis, Social Networking, Internet-enabled Communities), and Search is most frequently imagined using consumer usage models.   “I’m shocked people are not spontaneously creating content on our wiki!” Even concepts like Enterprise 2.0 do not change the consumer paradigms, but apply them directly to the enterprise.   See SLATES and FLATNESSES on next slide The use of the modern collaboration mechanisms for companies, governments, and other large organizations is more effectively executed using different usage models. Evolved Technologist Copyright 2009 Enterprise 2.0 is CFP Evolved Technologist Copyright 2009 Differences Collaboration for Grownups differs from Collaboration for Individuals in the following ways:   Community Formation   Motivation   Access Control   Information Integration   Reputation   Management and Curation Evolved Technologist Copyright 2009 Community Formation CFI is oriented toward creating communities and discovering new connections.   CFI communities rarely meet outside of cyberspace CFG works better when the goal is to enable existing communities who are already organized around common goals.   CFG communities meet outside of cyberspace CFG does need to add outsiders to existing internal communities. Evolved Technologist Copyright 2009