WWE Raw 04/04/2011

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WWE Raw 04/04/2011
"The Uprising"
James Main
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Signature opening
Segment One - Vince Mcmahon Promo
MR Mcmahon Promo:
Last night at Wrestlemania a new bar was
set in entertainment as our guest host The Rock electrified
audiences all around the world to ensure Wrestlemania went
off with a bang and by god did he deliver.
Tron: Main event recap,John Cena winning WWE Championship
celebrating with The Rock.
Mr Mcmahon Promo: As a token of our gratification I would
personally like to invite The Rock and all of you watching
here in attendance and at home to join us in a farewell
celebration for the peoples champ. Now onto more pressing
things, its been awhile since ive been here on Raw and its
time I got back down to business, so with that said all
contact with Raws annominyus general manager has been cut
and I will now fulfill any other roles on raw. Finally as
you may have noted there is an empty seat there next to Mr
Mr Mcmahon points to announce table.
Mr Mcmahon Promo: So would you please give a warm welcome
return to good ol JR.
JR Music hits.
JR walks to announce table
Jerry Lawler:
Glad to have you back JR
JR: Glad to be back!
Sheamus Music Hits
JR: This next match should indeed be a slobberknocker.
Segment two:
Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton vs CM Punk and
Match Begins
***Break mid match***

Orton pins Sheamus.
Graphic Triple H Wrestlemania aftermath with Shawn Michaels
interview later.
***During Break Jerry Lawler enters ring***
Segment three: Jerry Lawler Promo
Jerry Lawler Promo: Thank you!
Now things might seem a
little different tonight as there will be no Michael Cole
blabbing his mouth about what he thinks is right and wrong,
and yes there will be no more "and I quote".
The only thing
worth quoting was last night Michael Cole begging for
In fact after the Pile driver he took last
night, perhaps he will never speak again. Moving on from all
things Michael Cole, I would like to say Thank you to Vince
Mcmahon for giving me the oppurtunity to compete on the
grandest stage of them all Wrestlemania.
And I would also
like thank each and everyone of you
Lawler points to the crowd
for all your support each week, It wasnt the easiest time of
my life loosing my mother and having Michael Cole heckle me
each week about....
Vickie Guerrero (from back):
Excuse me!
Pause for boo’s
Vickie Guerrero Promo:
I said Excuse me!
walks to ring accompanied by Dolph Ziggler.
Vickie Guerrero Promo:
Jerry Lawler you should be ashamed
of yourself.
I said excuse me!
All Michael Cole wanted
was his Wrestlemania moment and look at him now, he’s not
even here tonight because of what you did to him.
Cole was a true man who could see the true beauty in a
Lawler looks to crowd for approval.
Vickie Guerrero Promo:
Huh, Michael Cole was right your
nothing but a washed up has been trying to steal the
spotlight from people like myself and Dolph.
Jerry Lawler Promo:
I think you had enough Spotlight on you
vickie as the entire world witnessed Snooki beat the two of

Pics of gossip Snooki headlines
Dolph mad grabs the Mic
Dolph Ziggler Promo:
Now you listen here Lawler, that
little reality tv star aint got nothing on ourselves, myself
and Vickie are a global power couple and we will stop at
nothing until this is recognized.
Morrisons music hits.
John Morrison walks out to stage.
John Morrisons Promo:
"Global Power Couple" are you serious
Mr Ziggles.
The only thing powerful about the two of you is
Vickie morning bowel movements!
Morrison does smelt something bad face.
Dolph Irate.
John Morrisons Promo:
And seeing as you seem to be in the
mood to get into peoples faces tonight, why dont you get in
Morrison drops the mic and runs to ring.
Stare down between Morrison and Ziggler.
Match beginns.
Segment Four: John Morrison vs Dolph Ziggler (with Vickie)
***mid match break***
Vickie tries too interfere
Trish makes the save
Morrison wins the match
Trish Stratus Promo:
whats up wwe Universe dont forget to
tune in after the show to see myself, Booker T and Stone
Cold Steve Austin as coaches on the season premier of wwe
tough enough which follows straight after raw, check it out.
Tron: Tough Enough preview hype
Graphic - HBK interview on HHH/Taker
Segment Five: HBK interview

Tron: Recap of the HHH/Undertaker match from Wrestlemania
and the aftermath of it, including HHH loosing his cool
after loosing his match.
Joining us now live from his home in San Antonio a man
that was certainly watching the match last night closely,
The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels.
Cuts to a shot of HBK at home.
JR: Shawn give us your thoughts on what went down last
Shawn Michaels: well JR before I go on, lemme just say that
both those men gave it everything they had last night and
they completely lived up to and supassed the hype that the
match was given.
As far as what happened after the match,
well JR you and I know better than anyone how hot Triple H’s
temper can be, I think the stress got to him and he had to
vent some frustration.
JR: Do you think this is the last time we will see the game?
Shawn Michaels:
Its tough to say, The streak isn’t like any
Championship Triple H has held before, theres no instant
rematches. If your patient enough you earn your rematch next
year if not you die trying.
JR: Going back to Wrestlemania 25 you were in a similar
predicament, you had lost your first encounter with the dead
man your were confused as where to go next, what do you
think Triple H should do next?
Shawn Michaels: I think he needs to really consider where he
sees his career going forth now, obviously he has a huge
investment in this business being in the family that he is
in, and i can never see him staying away from the business
but perhaps this is his time to exit quietly from the
JR: Shawn as always a pleasure.
Shawn Michaels nods approval.
Segment Six: Rey Mysterio vs Jack Swagger
Swagger walks to ring
Swagger by the ring apron stares at Lawler
Lawler from Commentary Booth stares back

Rey Mysterio enters
***Mid Match Break***
Mysterio wins with roll up.
Tron: wrestlemania encore presentation video package
Graphic - Friday Night Smackdown Alberto Del Rio’s
Segment Seven: Eve and Gail Kim vs The Bella Twins
Already in ring after the break
Eve pins Niki Bella
Graphic - The Rock Farewell Next
Segment Eight: The Rocks Farewell
Mr Mcmahons music hits
Mr McMahon walks to the ring
Mr Mcmahon: As this time please join me in welcoming your
new wwe Champion John Cena.
John Cenas music hits
John Cena walks to the ring.
Mr Mcmahon: Cena the floor is yours.
John Cena:
Ladies and Gentleman give it up for the man that
created the phenomenom that is wrestlemania whether you love
him or hate him Vince McMahon.
John Cena:
My oh my is hot up in here tonight. Last night
was one of the most crazy nights of my life, standing toe to
toe withe the peoples champ the Rock.
You could litteraly
feel the place about to errupt. The energy in the air was
off the scale, that is until the Miz came in and as per
usual tried to pee on everyones parade.
Unfortunately for
Mr Miz he’s got alot left to learn.
Now in regard to The
Rock, sure me and him may have done some verbal sparring and
I may have gotton a wee bit frustrated with being compared
to bowls of cereal but at the end of the day The Rock and I
have always had a mutual respect for each other as we share

the same compassion of entertaining each and everyone of you
people each and every week!
So without further a do let me
introduce to The Rock!
The Rocks Music hits.
The Rock walks to the ring.
The Rock: Finally The Rock has come back to.....
it was
nearly 3months ago when Vince McMahon came to The Rock and
pitched the idea of hosting wrestlemania and it was nearly 2
months ago since The Rock called you John Cena out.
within that time The Rock has never felt so appreciated by
the people out here, out there (points to camera) and back
there (points to locker room).
And as much as this may seem
like a farewell ah na nah nah this perhaps is just the
beginning you see The Rock checked his schedule for next
April and there was one date that stuck out more than one of
John Cenas T-Shirts, wrestlemania 28 in The Rocks home town
of Miami!
So let me run this by you John,
The Rock vs John Cena.
Crowd reacts.
Cena smiling holding his championship title.
John Cena: Rock....If you want some come get some.
Rock smiling back
The Rock: John....Just bring it!
The Rock and John Cena shake hands and stare each other down
Vince McMahon: woah woah slow down theres still another year
before we reach wrestlemania 28!
In the mean time Rock
myself and some of the boys in the back would to thank you
for your participation in wrestlemania and here is a gesture
of our good will.
Tron: Highlight Package of The Rock
Half way through the Tribute video package the lights in the
arena go out and the video goes blank.
The Rock, Cena and Vince look around.
Tron: Appearing is the back of a chair with a man sitting on
The chair spins round revealing Wade Barrett in a dark
room with just his face lit.
(Much like the Survivor Series
2010 promos)

Tron Wade Barret: Pardon the interuption but there seems to
be a mistake.
The three of you seem to think that you are
going to be around in the next year to come, unfortunately
the winds of change are blowing through the wwe faster and
more furious than ever and HE has demanded for you to be
terminated. He is our ruler and he will guide us to a future
where we will have the chance to shine, he wants your
company vince and he will stop at nothing until he gets it.
He has given me an army to lead, and lead them I shall. Let
the uprising beginn.
As the lights come back on the left side of the arena Husky
Harris, Michael Mcgilicutty, David Otunga and Mason Ryan
jump the barricade and head for the ring apron.
On the
right side of the arena Justin Gabriel, Heath Slater and
Ezekiel Jackson jump the barricade and head for the opposite
ring apron.
John Cena is poised at one side The Rock ready to go on the
Vince McMahon worried for his safety in the middle.
They all jump the ring and Rock and Cena continue to fend
them off with Mcmahon still in the middle.
Suddenly running down the ramp comes Brodus Clay, Byron
Saxton, Lucky Cannon, Connor O’Brian, Jacob Novak, Johnny
Curtis, Tyler Rex.
The gang like beatdown occurs on Cena, Rock and Vince.
Superstars like R-Truth, Santino, Mark Henry, Koslov,
Morrison all trying to make the save with Lawler joining too
but to no luck the numbers are just too strong. Some of the
group starts to target wwe staff members like Justin
Roberts, JR and everyone else around ring side.
Wade barrett walks to the ring pleased with what he sees as
he steps on the beaten bodies to climb into the ring, he
takes cheaps shots at Cena and The Rock and grabs a mic.
Wade Barret: The uprising is now and HE has arrived.
Triple H’s Music hits.
The Game with Sledge hammer powerfully walks to the ring
with intent in his eyes, the group members hold up Vince for
the Sledge Hammer shot.
Vince takes it and crumbles to the
The Game with no remorse has his hand raised by Wade Barrett
with the rest of the members of the unknown group
surrounding the ring like an army.