You Can Win Your Ex Back

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You Can Win Your Ex Back

Download You Can Win Your Ex Back...and trying to live without them once they're gone is one
of the hardest things things you'll ever have to endure.
If you've just lost your partner then you know what I'm talking about. It's physically crippling.
It's mentally crippling.
They won't - and can't - fully grasp the degree to which it hurts and the extent to which being
abandoned debilitates and consumes every moment of your life in despair and misery.
"There's plenty of fish in the ocean." "You'll get over it, don't worry about it, just move on."
"They didn't deserve you anyway, their loss."
Well, maybe it is your ex's loss. Maybe there are plenty of other potential partner's for you out
But although such advice might be well meaning or even accurate right now you know better
than anyone that it's not helpful. It's not helpful at all.
When we hold onto the idea of someone for so long, we lock ourselves into the same person we
were during the failed relationship. How can you expect a new relationship without a new you?
The reason your heart feels like it's being squashed in a vice is because deep inside it there's
a wound formed of the emptiness that was once filled by the love and presence of your partner.
It's a gaping wound in your chest that, like any kind of wound, is in the process of trying to heal
itself. The problem is that right now, despite how much it hurts, you don't want to let it heal.
That's the pain you're feeling in your chest: the tug-of-war battle between your need to heal
and your inner desire to leave that spot in your heart open just in case there's a chance your
partner comes back.
"Finally an e-book that understands!! The biggest problem I have found trying to get my Ex back
is that every relationship help book would just spit out steps that I could make zero connection
to and ultimately had little effect on my situation. You Can Win Your Ex Back had me thinking
on a whole new...
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You Can Win Your Ex Back
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