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How It Works For Anti Ageing?
Lines and wrinkles are the result of the passage of time and none of us can grow old
without getting a few here and there. They come along as part of the ageing process,
with sun damage and genetics playing a big part in how your skin ages so look at mum
and dad to see what you can expect to come. The most important thing you can do for
your skin on a daily basis is to wear sun protection 90% of lines and wrinkles come
from sun damage. So it’s sun protection on a daily basis – minimum SPF15 or up to
SPF50 if you’re sunbathing.
Some of the most popular treatments for lines and wrinkles are Muscle Relaxing
Injections, dermal fillers, SmartXide, Angel PRP Face Lift, PDT.
About Clinic: Harley Street Skin Clinic was established in 2004 on the world’s most
famous medical street, offering a wide range of safe, effective and proven treatments,
reaching the highest levels of patient care and delivering outstanding results.
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