Your 1st Visit To The Dentist

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Your First Visit To The Dentist
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Starting Off At The Dentist
After entering the front doors, you will begin by filling out some paperwork. You should
try to enter in at least ten minutes early to finish the paperwork as well as getting to
know the staff.
When people come for their first visit to Blacksburg Smiles, people tend to ask for a
cleaning or a whitening on the first day; however, dental treatments do not start until
your next visit. The next step is a thorough exam done by your dentist Dr. Matthew
Tomoda so he can make a treatment plan that will help solve any dental issues you may
have and assist you in achieving your smile goals.
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Foreshadowing Your Dental Goals
When you meet Dr. Tomoda, you will provide your medical background, your reasoning
for visiting, and also about a dental treatment you desire. Afterwards, you will have to go
through an oral examination to diagnose any problems you may have with your teeth
and construct a plan that is fit for you. This is vital to make sure you are on track to a
great smile and healthy teeth!
Administering X-rays
You may have to get X-rays to get the big picture of how your teeth are doing. Doing so
will also allow your dentist to see tough spots that a person by themselves cannot see.
Constructing A Custom Dental Plan For You
Providing the best possible dental plan for you is the primary objective at Blacksburg
Smiles. This means fixing any issues or pain you may be experiencing and also helping
to prevent any future problems. Also, this means making a dental plan that has a clear
goal that will not cost a fortune.
When Dr. Tomoda examines your mouth, he will provide the most efficient dental
treatment plan fit for you to help improve and conserve your smile and teeth. Dr.
Tomoda will also inform you of the best dental procedures to start off with to guide you
to your dental goals.
Consulting With The Supervisor Of Blacksburg Smiles
After Dr. Tomoda is finished completing your oral exam, the office supervisor will
consult with you. The supervisor is looking to answer any questions or concerns you
may have about your dental treatment, your dentist, your dental insurance, and more.
The goal here is to make the plan as simple as possible while keeping you in the loop
so you know exactly what is going on with your teeth.
After Your First Appointment
Once you head home, we will be working on sending you a copy of the dental treatment
plan we created with details about the treatments recommended including a pricing
quote on them as well. The copy of your treatment plan will be comprehensive so you
will be relaxed to know that there are no surprises on your plan. If you spot something
out of the ordinary or decide you want to change anything, feel free to call Blacksburg
Smiles at 540-509-0112 or visit our office at 614 S. Main Street today and the staff will
be there to help you.