Your Guide to Selecting the Perfect Wedding Day Menu

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Your Guide to

Selecting the
Perfect Wedding
Day Menu

One particular element of wedding planning which demands a lot more attention
than the others is the planning of the menu. Not only does the food you serve
incorporate a major part of your budget, but the right food is critical to how
successful your even is.

The following guidelines can help you select the ideal menu for your big day-

Make sure your Guests Never Go Hungry

If your guests are left without the canapes after the ceremony, you shouldn't be
surprised if see them wiling away their time at the reception with the drinks
rather than soaking in the moment. It is recommended that your guests don't go
without food for more than three hours straight. Always serve the food as soon as
they arrive at the reception.
Your Guide to Selecting the Perfect Wedding Day Menu - By Mark Waked

Don't Over Stuff the Wedding Guests

As important as it is to not let your guests go hungry, it is also important that your
wedding guests to be bloated after the elaborate breakfast that morning. This
may impact the energy levels on your dance floor. So, if your main course is heavy,
consider selecting lighter starts and puddings so that the guests aren't overloaded.

ect Varying Courses

While sitting down with the wedding caterers Sydney it is important that you let
them help you select a varied menu. For instance, if you are serving seafood for
the starters, avoid that in the main course. If you are serving pie in the main
course, avoid serving pastry for desert. Let the food catering Sydney service help
you break down each dish from the perspective of its ingredients. This will help you
make better decisions.
Select a Menu that is Cohesive to your
Wedding Day Schedule

If your wedding guests plan to dance into the wee hours of the morning, then it is
recommended that you lay out extra food towards the end of the night. This may
also mean breakfast in many cases if the party is long enough. If you are hosting a
ceremony in the evening, serving a three course meal late into the night may not be
a good thing.
Select Options that are Safe

Unless you are completely confident about the capabilities of your catering
company, it is ideal to stick to safe dishes. For instance, while a roast beef may
Your Guide to Selecting the Perfect Wedding Day Menu - By Mark Waked

sound like a delicious option when done well, but a slight error can make it go
completely wrong. The same applies to dishes such as sushi and lobster. Most
wedding caterers also provide personal chef catering services use this as an
opportunity to taste some of their signature dishes and make an informed
Finally, even though you want to mix up the cuisines, you need to find a way to make
sure that the choice of food represents a sense of consistency or continuity. If
you intend to have a relaxed wedding at a farm, then choosing to serve a spit roast
lamp with stuffed doughnuts may be a win. With a few such considerations, your
wedding day menu can be made a hit!

Your Guide to Selecting the Perfect Wedding Day Menu - By Mark Waked