Youth Ministry Illustrations - What’s Inside?

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Youth Ministry
Illustrations -
What's Inside?
The disciples were
surprised that the tomb
was empty.
Two plastic Easter eggs. Fill
one with a few small things
that make lots of noise -
e.g. nuts, bolts, nails,
washers, marbles. Rice or
dried beans also work. Close
and shake it to test sound.
Remove or items to improve
the sound. Don't overfill the
egg or the sound will be
dull. Hide the noisy egg up
your sleeve. Leave the other
egg empty.
The Children's Sermon
1. Pick up the empty egg
and shake it with the
hand that has the other
egg hidden up your
sleeve. It will appear to
2. Ask the children to
guess what's inside. If
they are a little quiet, ask
them one by one "what's
3. After you have a good
number of answers, open
the egg and show them it
is empty.
4. Why did it rattle?
Eventually someone will
guess. (If they need a
clue, try "rattling" a solid
object like a candle or a
hymnbook to show them)
The Lesson
They will be surprised that
the egg was empty. The
disciples were surprised
that the tomb was empty.
God had something "up His
sleeve." But for God, it was
no trick. Instead it was a
miracle. Jesus was raised
from the dead.
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