Yuko hair straightening

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What to Know About Yuko Hair Straightening?

One of the permanent hair straightening systems is Yuko hair straightening. The term
`permanent' does not actually mean lifetime because with the re-growth of hair, the
treatment must be re-applied. Still, the effects of permanent hair straightening systems are
better than daily ironing. The application can last for a couple of months to a year, depending
on the rate of hair growth.

Yuko Hair Straightening - An Introduction

Yuko hair straightening is basically about thermal conditioning of the hair to restructure the
bonds. Yuko is the creator, and she is Japanese. The system was created for all hair types. In
order to obtain the best results from the hair straightening system, your hair must be 4-5
inches in length. Some women have their hair re-done in six months while others do it

At present, the permanent hair straightening system is offered around the world, in the major
salons of countries. If you're interested, you have to choose a reputed stylist in your area.
The results of the procedure will usually depend on the expertise of the stylist, the
formulations used, and other relevant factors. A thorough consultation is necessary so your
hair can be evaluated. Ideally, your hair must be in good condition and not damaged from
other relaxing solutions. Yuko hair straightening makes use of the trio formulation and it
often reacts with hair that has been treated with harsh chemicals like sodium hydroxide. If
you've had a chemical process before, you need to inform your stylist.

An advantage of the Yuko system is that men or women with colored hair can also undergo
the hair treatment. However, you have to make sure that the color has been applied for more
than two weeks already, and the treatment will be safe. If you decide to color your hair after
the treatment, you need to wait two more weeks. This will give you hair breathing space, and
prevent potential damage.

Highlighted and bleached hair can be treated using the Yuko system but only if it has grown
out and you don't plan to bleach your hair in the future.

Yuko Hair Straightening Costs

People are always concerned about how much money they are going to spend on a hair
treatment. Some individuals don't mind the cost but there are also those who are on a tight
budget. Well, here's good news to all men and women out there who are interested in the
Yuko system - you can have your hair treated for $200 to $600 only. The cost is nothing
compared to the benefits that you're going to enjoy.

Instead of investing on flat irons, you can save for your next treatment. As mentioned earlier,
you may need to get your hair re-done once or twice a year depending on the growth of your
hair. The Yuko hair straightening is safe and it can also repair damaged hair while giving you
glossy straight hair. The heating irons used in the treatment are specially designed to make

hair healthier and straighter. In just three to five hours, you can walk out of the salon with
beautiful hair!

Yuko Hair Straightening - The Best Choice

A lot of women spend 30-45 minutes every day in ironing their hair. With daily ironing, your
hair will be damaged, and you'll only end up with bad-looking hair at work! Why spend hours
after hours in ironing your hair when you can have manageable hair for several months with
one treatment? The choice is yours, and if you're smart, you should start looking for reputed
stylists in your area that offer the Yuko system.

The secret of the Yuko system is the main ingredient used in the treatment which re-
structures the protein bonds of the hair strands. The repaired hair will look straight, shiny,
sleek, and smooth. The heat iron used in the Yuko hair straightening system is patented and it
can provide heat as high as 300 to seal moisture in the hair. The primary element in the hair
regeneration and repair is the heat, and only the patented iron can give this to you.

The Yuko system was born in 1996, and it makes use of the heat oxidation process. The
straightening system also uses shark oil to condition the hair, as well as steam. The hair has
its own `living body electricity' and this is used by the system to get rid of the cystine bone,
making the hair straighter and shinier. Without the coating, the hair is re-shaped according to
the needs of the individual. The hair is rejuvenated since the hair can breathe once more. It
is also possible to reverse the process for those who want to get their curls back.

You only need to spend a couple of hundred dollars a year to maintain your hair's beauty.
Don't tire yourself with the endless ironing task. With Yuko hair straightening, you will always
have straight hair all day long!

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